Cindy Crawford

We Keep Getting Older, Cindy Crawford Hotness Stays the Same

It’s really the reverse of the classic Matthew McConaughey line from Dazed and Confused. Cindy Crawford good looks just seem to be frozen in time for the past twenty-five years. Featured in a new campaign for Omega watches, Cindy shows off her allure, passion inducement, and still wicked hot body to pimp timepieces I suppose. Hard to say, but it’s definitely working.

It’s impossible to calculate how much delight Cindy Crawford has brought to men and Sapphic leaning women through the years. It might be infinity times something or other. But it’s a lot. I guess they don’t give out national holidays for this kind of achievement in benevolence, but they ought have one day a year when we honor the ladies who make morning wood possible. Of course, we do honor them here daily. Cindy Crawford definitely deserves a seat at the table of champions. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Topless, Cindy Crawford Covered Nekkid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nipple Show Highlight the Epic W Magazine Pictorial

Cindy Crawford Covered Nekkid in Bed in W Magazine March 2014
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I know people make fun of me for my vast women’s magazine subscriptions. Go on, chuckle, just like the middle school skate gang that terrorizes me outside my own stoop when I go to retrieve my lady journals. But who has the last laugh when the very first Miley Cyrus topless pictures show up in W Magazine, along with Lara Stone topless, Miranda Kerr barely covered nekkid in the bed, and Cindy Crawford, well, damn. Oh, why not throw in Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley in a see-through bra, Vanessa Hudgens different looking hotness, Milla Jovovich stunning, Rita Ora biting on a bed sheet, and Ciara looking boudoir sextastic.

It’s only one of the finest magazine photo spreads ever. Certainly monumental, epic, and initiating the clarion call for a little private time viewing. Yep, who’s laughing now Mr. Postman, old neighbor lady, skate kids, and mom? You’ve had your fun belittling me through the years. I’ll take my topless wicked hot celebrity photos and my perfume samplers, thank you very much. Enjoy.

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Hmm, I Wonder If Cindy Crawford Is Still Ridiculously Hot at 47

You know I wouldn’t ask that question if the answer wasn’t in the affirmative. Cindy Crawford may be shot in black and white but I’m seeing nothing but colorful hotness in this V-magazine covered topless spread where Cindy is doing something extremely kind to at least one tree. Maybe it’s an environmental statement of some kind.

I must admit, I’m not a super fan of the theme of this shoot to dress Cindy in men’s clothing. I’d be fine with women’s clothing, finer with no clothing at all. But the chance to see the full sextastic powers of Cindy Crawford rise once more — just an epic, unexpected surprise. Enjoy.

Cindy Crawford Brings Out the Veteran Cleavetastic for Gatsby in Cannes

I love a good surprise. I mean, I hate surprise parties, those are truly wretched affairs. But a good surprise in the form of a veteran hottie showing up unexpectedly strong at a public event, I do so love that, Like Cindy Crawford at The Great Gatsby premiere in Cannes. Now, I have no intention of seeing The Great Gatsby or ever visiting Cannes again until they apologize for my errant arrest some years ago on charges of Strange Loitering. But I would travel most anywhere else to see Cindy flash her motherly cleavetastic as she did on the red carpet for the film premiere.

Cindy Crawford was once in the hallowed halls of the top of the line sextastic. That kind of power and acknowledgement doesn’t simply fade with time, it eases gently into a horny goodnight. And with Cindy, the night is still very young. Enjoy.

Cindy Crawford Bikini Candids Are A Hot Green Blur

I may not have gone to college like some of you, or high school, or one year of middle school, but I do know an Impressionist hottie painting when I see one, and that I see from blurred telescopic lens aimed from quite a distance at Cindy Crawford strutting her veteran bikini goodness down Cabo way.

Now I’m not sure if Cindy’s husband was using some type of visual jamming device, or if the currents from the latest El Nino (there’s always an El Nino somewhere) threw off the space time continuum, but you know what, a view of the faptastically still delicious Cindy Crawford in a bikini?  Even with squiggly old school cable porn PPV lines — still hot. Enjoy.

Cindy Crawford Cleavage and Shorts Show For the Veteran Hotness That Will Never Go Away

Oh, Cindy Crawford, how have you not won a Nobel Prize for all you’ve done for man-kind over the years? Clearly, the Nobel committee in its efforts to promote the role of peacemakers around the world must identify women who have kept men off the battlefields and locked in their bathrooms over the years.

At forty-six, Cindy Crawford bending over in a tank top is more than enough to stop a crowd of men in the store in their tracks, and her long legs, well, enough for them to pretend to be inspecting fruit for ripeness in the produce section as we men do when we’re really just checking out hot girls (we have no idea how to judge ripeness, ladies, at least not on fruit).

Cindy Crawford, yee-hah. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jessie J Nipple Slip, Taylor Momsen Upskirts, Cindy Crawford Topless, and Much Much More…

Taylor Momsen Short Shorts Concert
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We have arrived at my personal favorite time of the week. No, not Backwashed Fudgesicle Hour at Egotastic! That’s not for three more hours yet. But that time each week when we as a community spend our fifth weekday of toil, together in the fields of the sextastic, harvesting the finest that Hottieville has to offer as gleaned by our fabulous readers, the most educated celebrity site readers on the web I might add once more.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a screencapped Jessie J nip slip, a series of Taylor Momsen panties peeks up her concert dress, a classic look back at Cindy Crawford topless on the runway, a second look at the double sets of Silvia Irabien who we saw earlier this week in Playboy,  a second look at the now completely bare boobtastic of Monika Pietrasinska who we saw lingerie clad earlier this week, Nicki Minaj being all kinds of Minajesque, German phenom Sophia Thomalla baring her Bavarians, a higher def look at Zoe Saldana in the shower, a bonus leer at Carly Craig topless, and Diane Lane just looking mesmerizing. It’s all good, very good.