Charlize Theron Takes a Licking in Final ‘Atomic Blonde’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - July 5, 2017


Honestly, the only other film this summer that has a chance of unseating Baby Driver as the best movie of the summer is Atomic Blonde, and this final trailer is all the evidence you need to reach a similar conclusion. Dubbed the film's "final trailer," this action packed final look at the film is centered around a bloodied and battered Charlize Theron driving around in a car with the great character actor Eddie Marsan.

Is it just me or does the fact that she's not afraid to get literally filthy on camera make Charlize Theron that much hotter? Seriously, there's something about her lack of vanity that makes her just so much more desirable than the average movie star who will only let us see them without makeup when they're making a futile stab at winning an Oscar. Don't get me wrong, Charlize is obviously hotter and more desirable than the average movie star without any of those qualities, but I feel that those things put her head and shoulders above the rest.

Don't go to sleep on Atomic Blonde, it'll probably be your last chance to see a great movie before the end of the summer. Charlize kicks her way into theaters—and Sofia Boutella's pants—on July 28.