Charlize Theron Had A Hunch About Weinstein

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Sam Robeson - October 11, 2018


You know when you meet the most powerful producer in Hollywood, and you think maybe his FUPA dick is the barrier between starlets and successful acting careers, but you don't want to jeopardize your own job, so you only speak up years later in an interview for Elle Magazine? What a coincidence, Charlize Theron.

The leggy blonde covers Elle's Women In Hollywood issue with her tit kind of hanging out of her button up short. Remember ladies, you can dress like a man for fun, or even to make a point about equality, but we still gotta have dem nice porny titties. I think that's the issue's takeaway. Interviewers are still obsessed with filtering as much Weinstein knowledge out of actors as possible, and in speaking about her experiences with Weinstein, Theron stated:

When I look back and think about my experience with him, how I felt about him—we don’t wanna just go by assumption—but there were definite things. It’s made me look at trusting [my] instincts better. This is a moment for all of us to re-educate ourselves. Not just men, but women, too.

"Definite things." As soon as Gwyneth Paltrow won an Oscar, someone should have been pounding the alarm. Elle's Women With Creamy Tits In Hollywood issue brings out more annoying crap from an actress who I otherwise appreciate. Here's Theron's stance on women leading box office flops:

[Women] have to work so much harder to come back from a failure. It’s not so dependent on the star when it’s a male. It’s more, ‘Well, maybe the movie didn’t work.’ With females, it’s like, ‘The movie didn’t work because of her.’ That needs to change. Financiers are more willing to finance a male star. I just wonder what beautiful storytelling we have missed out on because [people] were too scared to take a chance on a woman.

Theron actually has a stellar box office record, so she must be speaking for a friend. Guess she knows Jennifer Lawrence.


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