Chantel Jeffries Toe and Tights In The 90210

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bill-swift - January 16, 2018

It's unclear how Chantel Jeffries spends her days, but provided she shares part of it with us, especially the part where she's in a body and camelot clinging bit of workout tights and sports tank in Beverly Hills, it's a day well spent.

The exceedingly curvaceous model and heaven sent hottie exhibitionist routinely heads out to shop or lunch in revealing outfits that skirt the fine line of indecency. Meaning, they are more than decent bits of libido imagination gum for our own leering selves. The way those pants cling to her fun parts makes you wonder if a little tickling sensation isn't being felt by both the ogler and oglee during this particular outing.

Chantel, whatever you're doing, please don't stop. This amazing bit of snug as a toe in a rug reveal is just what the doctor ordered. You should meet my doctor. He mostly sells weed. Enjoy.