Miley Cyrus Hits the Backyard!

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Echo Lawrence - November 30, 2020

Miley Cyrus has officially dropped the long awaited new album Plastic Hearts. We've all been waiting for this new album for over 2 years and have been given some teasers from Miley over the last few months. Her recent single Prisoner features Dua Lipa and has a pretty wicked new music video out to go along with the track, although a UK band has said the video was a rip off of their own!

Miley has released some new backyard sessions on APPLE which I'm not going to pay for, and neither are you. So here are some snippets of the new album! Miley also put out some new merch to go with the album, like the blood covered t-shirt she wears in the Prisoner video and a pretty iconic shirt with a painted bikini body on it!

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