Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Bright and Cleavetastic for Easter in Miami

Victoria Silvstedt is soon to be the senior circuit of the worldwide models showing off their incredibly bodacious bodies in Miami, especially over the Easter weekend when the place was packed with so much female form talent from around the world. But just like those Senior PGA guys show up to the majors and often startle the young’ins with their still rather noteworthy gifts, so too is Victoria still winning the ogles of many gentleman even as she approaches the big 4-0 this year.

Sure, you are born, and or helped along the way, with an amazing bikini body and good looks. But there’s something to be said for two decades of professional showing off that can’t easily be matched by the up and comers, for all their ambition and boobtastic talents. Victoria still has quite a bit of juice left in the tank of the sextastic. You don’t just get a billionaire older boyfriend for having the platinum blonde hair. The competition is fierce. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Can Not Be Denied Her Bikini Visual Time

I’m not sure what Victoria Silvstedt is searching for in her bikini bottoms, but maybe it’s the power switch to some kind of promotional signage she has to up her competitive bikini mode even higher along the beach in Miami. Everybody, and I mean, every hot woman, from the young to the mature, are getting into this showoff battle. Victoria has an array of brightly colored bikinis, one curvaceous tanned female form, and apparently a Brazilian wax that says she’s not only in this game, she came to win.

One of these days I need to get myself on an Eastern Air Lines flight down to Miami with nothing but a tube of zinc oxide and my camera and get down to the real work of documenting this natural migration of the hotties along the shores of South Florida. You can have your flamingos and polar bear nature videos, I’m going straight for the bikini sextastic. This is simply the high season. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Put the Blonde in Miami Beach Bombshell

Early this morning we saw Victoria Silvstedt stretching and sweating in her beach yoga workout. What’s it all for? Well, this. By the afternoon Victoria was cleaned up, made up, sprayed up, and back out on the beach in a body baring white bikini doing her attention-getting thing. Lots of people I guess do yoga to center themselves spiritually, Victoria to center her boobtastic and bikini bottomside dead square in the eyes of every ogler on the beach.

It’s been one amazing week of hot bodies on the beach in Miami. I don’t envy the girls who half-assed it over the winter with their workouts thinking they could make a display of it against all that top flight competition. But make no mistake, at 39, Victoria is still very much in the game out there. Don’t expect her to go gently into that good Miami night. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Asstastic Yoga Preening on the Beach in Miami

I told you the competition was rough in Miami. Even the veterans like Victoria Silvstedt realize it’s time to step up or their game or just throw up their hands in defeat. But Victoria is not a defeatest. You don’t get to the top of the trophy girlfriend pile by surrender and lethargy. Nope, out onto the beach for some early morning asstastic yoga stretching, working those kegels back into top girlfriend form.

Victoria has been running this game for nearly two decades now since coming out of Sweden. Don’t think she’s going to let a bunch of upstart girls with hot arses throw her off her rung on the ogle-worthy beach ladder. Not without a fight. Or at least a lot of bottom stretching and cleavage showing. Game on. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Tour Continues in St. Bart’s

You can’t stop Victoria Silvstedt, you can only hope to contain her, with your hands, maybe your mouth. The statuesque veteran blonde Playmate continues her winter job in the Caribbean, showing off her faptastic female form for all onlookers, though it most definitely belongs to her main benefactor. She does know how to wear a bikini.

For this weekend, Victoria chose black. I’m pretty sure she tosses them after each use, or maybe sells them on eBay, which reminds me to go search for such. Say what you will about Victoria Silvstedt, you simply can’t say with a straight face that you wouldn’t be cranking your neck at the beach to catch her form. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Asstastic Bikini Bottom Show in St. Bart’s

Sometimes, you just need a veteran to show you how it’s done. With all the young bikini talent on St. Bart’s this holiday season, it’s really Stephanie Seymour and now 39-year old Victoria Silvstedt who are showing the younger gals a thing or two about wearing and working it in a bikini along a Caribbean coast line.

Victoria has been perfecting the fine art of boobtastic and booty shows in a bikini for two decades now and she has it pretty much nailed down. Don’t think as she’d bending and flexing her asstastic and haunches she isn’t showing off her skilled craft. None of this happens by accident. It’s practice, training, repetition. Like a great artist in any field. Victoria knows how to get all eyeballs on her body. And she keeps that body in tip top tanned shape. I’ve got nothing but respect for the working girl who knows just how to work it. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Tanned, Bodacious, and Back in the Caribbean

Nobody quite has the life of former PMOY Victoria Silvstedt. I’ll leave it to you to makes judgements on how she provides for it, but she truly has the Life of Reilly, if Reilly happened to be a statuesque Swede with bodacious bikini boobtastic. Tanned, rested, toned, and forever moving between various upscale ports of call, Victoria never disappoints the local beach oglers when her yacht arrives on scene.

In her latest alluring incarnation, Victoria arrived in St. Bart’s for the New Year’s, selected one of her tan-revealing white colored bikinis, setting off her yummy melons like a compass to true north goodness. Victoria never has the need for many clothes, rarely wears much at all. I can respect this in all sorts of ways, though mostly the private, whimpering kind of way. For all the potentially bad press, Victoria answers it with visual aplomb. Enjoy.