Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt Bikinis Big in Miami for the Holidays

Just to keep rolling with the most exhibitionist of bikini times of the year, former PMOY Victoria Silvstedt took her long standing veteran bikini show to the beaches of Miami over the weekend in a brightly colored two piece certain to get her noticed. As if that body of hers wasn’t enough to gather up ever leer, ogle, and peep within twenty nautical miles.

Victoria is quite the pro, not, not in that way, well, not any more. But in the ways of the sly attention gathering bikini show. She is just potent in peach. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Bodacious Blonde Wonderments in South Florida

Much like the swallows returning to Capistrano, Thanksgiving week marks the return of the international jet set models to Miami (the ones who don’t live there full time already), led this week by Victoria Silvstedt, an unmistakable beacon of body visuals to guide those who are following behind. You’d be hard pressed not to spot Victoria at your local beach in her tiny bikini, her Swedish curves both real and enhanced now well into their second decade of making men uncomfortable in their swim trunks.

She’s not the spry 20-year old she once was when the folks at the Bunny magazine decided to make her a star, but she’s still got lots of tools in her tool belt. That’s where I’m staring at least. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Lingerie Modeling Her Very Own Lingerie, Sweet!

Let’s face it, nobody hired Victoria Silvstedt to build a lingerie line because she’s a great seamstress. Part of the deal was Victoria would be modeling her own name-brand wares. It’s a natural fit. I mean, really, it’s a natural fit. Just look at the former PMOY’s body in her own bra and panties creations.

You know what they say, a woman who makes her own underwear makes her own destiny. For the grief we occasionally give Victoria about her career and trophy boyfriend choices, there’s no denying she makes lingerie look good. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Roll in White Veteran Heat from Miami

I’ll say this for Victoria Silvstedt, she definitely maintains her professional female form. I don’t care if she’s in France or Italy or in the South of Miami, Victoria never lets herself not be ready to be photographed in a bikini. Perma tan, perma puppies, and perma turning to angles that favor her shape. She’s not a first time at this whole bikini attention thing.

And we have no problem with that. Why else would a curvaceous blonde bombshell hit the beach in a bright white bikini if not to be ogled, leered, and otherwise visually explored by every gentleman within eye shot. No, Victoria knows exactly what she’s doing. She even knows exactly what you’re doing watching her. That’s prescience. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Are A Sight to See in St. Tropez

I guess if you’re entire daily routine is suntanning and swimming in your bikini, you’ve got to be pretty good at it. Former PMOY Victoria Silvstedt seems pretty well veteran skilled at the bikini existence, showing more than enough blonde bombshell skin to merit attention from gentleman oglers everywhere, whilst still climbing about with her legs akimbo to make sure that attention turns to fascination

Oh, sure, it’s easy to ridicule Victoria for being a trophy girlfriend to some rich older fat dude and for living the life of Reilly, but it turns out it’s even easier just to stare at her tanned curvy body and imagine you’re the fortunate rich older fat dude. Much easier for me to imagine. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Have Moved Into Yellow And Onto Italy

It’s a tough life being Victoria Silvstedt. You never know which port of call your yacht will take you next. How will you even know how to dress? Oh, that’s right, a bikini always works when you’re an ex Playmate of the year. There’s really nowhere Victoria ever finds herself where she can’t get away with merely a bikini and a bottle of suntan lotion, in this case, off the coast of Sardinia, in a bright yellow two piece.

Just in case her new audience in Italy can’t see her so well from the shore, there she is, bright as the midday sunning, tanning all her little nooks and big crannies. She is quite the trophy girlfriend. First place trophy I believe. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Continue to Shine in St. Tropez

Someday, Victoria Silvstedt will have to hang up the tiny bikinis and the bleached blonde hair and other fun bits she carries about herself day and night on her vacation life in the Riviera and various other ports of call. But that day is not today, as the former PMOY still very much held her own in a yellow bikini in St. Tropez, where the yachts are big and the allowances for hot former Playboy Playmates is even bigger.

Big busty blondes never truly fade away. They just start going out later in the day. Enjoy.