Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice In A Bra During Sexy Scene In “Eye Candy”

The awesomely named Victoria Justice got down to her bra in a sultry love scene on the set of MTV’s Eye Candy. The show is a thriller about the weirdos you meet online. Well, whoever this lucky bastard is he seems to have gotten through her creep filter. Victoria is seriously hot and there is no doubt that if she were to make an online dating profile that it would attract many a stalker. Those guys ruin everything and make the rest of us that just want to ogle her look bad. But who can blame us? Just look at those luscious plums in that bra. Who could resist that? Not me. It looks as if I’ve found a new TV show to binge watch.

I remember Victoria when she was just a wee lass singing songs on Nickelodeon. My, how she’s grown up and out.

Photo Credit: “Eye Candy”

Victoria Justice Bare Midriff Hotness for Seventeen Magazine

Victoria Justice is one of those sextastic celebrities we’ve been following for so long now, and hoping for so long now, and just continues to frustrate us to no end. The good girl gone good girl. She just doesn’t seem like she wants to let her inner hotness out to play. She’s certainly got a ton of it, as evidenced in this pictorial for the upcoming edition of Seventeen magazine where the alluring brunette flashing some midriff and a bra top and gets us about half way to Nirvana. But the other half? Victoria, we need the other half.

I suppose I’m somewhat perplexed by way of experience. There’s nary been a teen TV starlet who hasn’t grown into the show off stage at some point. Really, it’s hard to name more than a rare couple. Victoria Justice seems fully content to remain the PG bridesmaid. Which is fine with me if it’s fine with her. Okay, I lied. I’m not fine with it at all. Victoria, show us some scrumptious! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Seventeen Magazine

Victoria Justice In Tight Jeans And Top On “Eye Candy” Set

Victoria Justice was looking smoking hot in a pair of tight jeans and a low cut top on the set of the upcoming film Eye Candy in Brooklyn. She was sporting a pair of super tight hipster jeans, the kind that are so tight that if worn by a man let you see what religion are. Luckily, this time they just hug Victoria’s amazing curves and long legs. I do enjoy a woman in tight jeans. There is just something casually sexy and, dare I say it, quintessentially American about it. But let’s talk about how amazing her ta-tas look in that top. She’s wearing one of those bras that push everything up to create maximum cleavage action. Victoria has quite a tremendous rack. It’s one of the best in the biz, as an old timey agent might say.

I don’t know what this movie is but I’m definitely going to go see it if it has Victoria wearing tight clothes and skimpy tops. That makes any movie better and I should know I went to film school.

BREAKING NEWS: Victoria Justice Selfies Purportedly Leaked on Reddit

Updated Editor’s Note: For all the requests, I can’t tell you at this moment where to find the bulk of the celebrity leaked photos. I wish I could be your everything. Well, not everything. For those interested, our friend Lex at WWTDD has a rather unique perspective on the celebrity hacked photos and he includes a luscious selfie of Kate Upton. Nice fella, that degenerate.

Editor’s Note: we will not be publishing these photos for the time being pursuant to hot boobs code something or other. However, I’m quite certain that Reddit will maintain their thorough archive of all the days activities.

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The flow is flowing. I’m starting to disbelieve some of the topless photos floating around, perhaps some originators of content are getting overzealous with naming headless photos for various celebrities, but for Victoria Justice, these selfies sure look like Victoria’s regular shares on social media, albeit these rather boudoir.

As always, we invite photo subjects to contact us to confirm or deny the legitimacy of these photos. It’s sort of key to our CSI investigation. Not that we don’t trust Reddit, but, you know. Enjoy.

You can see the full un-vetted sets on Reddit Celebs.

Victoria Justice And Her Legs Are Sexy In LA

Former Nickelodeon star and sexy person Victoria Justice looked leggariffic at the Vera Wang Vanity Fair party in LA. She had on a sparkly dress that was on the short side. The result is an eyeful of her gorgeous legs. They are seriously a sight to behold. I remember my little brother-in-law watching her on Nickelodeon years ago and thinking, “That girl is going to grow up to be hot as F”. And much like a prophet of old, my prediction was fulfilled. Also I love her name. Victoria Justice. It sounds like she should be a hard-nosed prosecuting attorney by day and a vigilante exacting vengeance on the criminals of the big bad city by night. I picture a skin tight lycra bodysuit or maybe just a spandex bra and underwear. Maybe a cape. Like, think Catwoman meets Wonder Woman. Yeah.

In the meantime we can enjoy looking at her in her secret identity as a singer and actress. But I know the truth and now so do you.

Victoria Justice Shines at ‘Spent: Looking for Change’ Premiere

Actress and certified hottie Victoria Justice looked effing amazing at the Spent: Looking for Change premiere in LA. The former Nickelodeon star was wearing a top that was basically a big handkerchief wrapped around her love mounds. Plenty of her lovely shoulders and back were exposed. This girl is redonkulously pretty. Like, strikingly so. I remember my little sisters used to watch her show back when they were kids and thinking, “That girl is going to grow up to be hot”, and storing that fact away for future reference. Plus, I love her name. Victoria Justice sounds like a lawyer that takes on big corporations in one of those courtroom books you buy at the airport. If the whole acting and singing thing doesn’t work out she should consider law school. Or becoming a superhero.

Spent: Looking For Change is about people struggling to get by in these tough economic times. That sounds depressing. The only way I would see that is if I get to sit next to someone as hot as Victoria.

Victoria Justice Bare Midriff and Plaid Skirt Are a Party Visual Treat to Remember

Nylon magazine has a music issue apparently and the music issue had a party and invited all the big names in music like. well, like Victoria Justice. While I’d likely be arrested for actually attending any of her teen bopper concerts in person, that doesn’t mean my strong feelings for the often conservatively wardrobed brunette starlet have waned one bit in these past few years.

Victoria remains one of the hottest nuts in Hollywood left to crack, perhaps given a hint as to wear to squeeze when baring her midriff and showing off a bit of a teasy side in a schoolgirl skirt at the Nylon party. We may never ever get to see Victoria Justice in her birthday suit, and that thought alone makes me require medication online from Canada, but just think of the sensational moment should that unexpected bliss ever actually occur. There’s something to be said for blind hope. It constitutes about 70% of my own body mass at any given time. Victoria, please, we need this. Enjoy.