Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos Bikini Pictures White Hot Curves in the Bermuda Triangle

Tulisa Contostavlos has been through some long level of legal battles of late. But she seems to be in recovery mode looking crazy hot in Bermuda in a small white bikini around her sweet curvy female form. I guess she's not a stress eater like myself. I would have gone through a lorry full of beef jerky sweating it out in a court room. I go through the jerky just watching my team down by a touchdown at half time. Not Tulisa. She looks bikini fit as a fiddle I'd love to rub my bow... never mind.

Tulisa, you have discovered the best play in life. Looking like a hot chick in a start white bikini on the beach. Really, there's no better way to tell the world that you and your alluring boobtastic are back in business and ready to take on anything. Good for you. And very good for us. Enjoy.

Tulisa Contostavlos Cleavy in Court by Day, Leggy at Night for Party Time in London

With shades of Lindsay and Paris, X-Factor judge and former N-Dubz hottie Tulisa Contostavlos hit the London courtroom during the day for her hearing on charges of maybe kind of moving a controlled substance in a sting operation...

...and by night, she was out looking ridiculously hot in a short short dress to hit a birthday party in a swank nightclub. Personally, I tend to take a break between my court appearances and the party appearances that are typically the reason I'm in court in the first place. But, then, I don't have sweet toned legs and some healthy wicked cleave like Tulisa. Nor do I really get invited to posh London parties for that matter. Somehow, Tulisa did manage to keep her dress covering her precious bits in the back of the car, which if you ask me, is the real crime here. Enjoy.

Tulisa Contostavlos Bikini Weekend Extravaganza in Spain

Just when you thought the Tulisa Contostavlos multi bikini vacation in Spain was coming to an end. Nay. It was merely just warming up.

This past weekend, her birthday weekend, Tulisa exhibited not one or two, but three separate bikini looks, each of which complemented and complimented her fine body in perfect snug form. Black was probably my favorite, so I put it up top, but the more colorful varieties she brought out the other two days were nothing to sneeze at.

Tulisa Contostavlos was the birthday girl. But the presents this weekend of the visual variety were all for her gentleman ogling fans. I can appreciate a lady like that in oh so many indiscreet ways. Enjoy.

Tulisa Contostavlos Bikinis Up in Ibiza, Chelsee Healey Sideboobs Right Alongside

Tulisa Contostavlos and her girl posse including British young woman acting type Chelsee Healey seemed to be having one hell of a time on vacation in the warm environs of Spain, drinking champagne and hanging out with boys by the pool. Not that I envy them, I mean, I do with the parts about hanging by the pool and getting loaded in the middle of the day. Let's face it, that's pretty fun. And all the girls and their sun-soaked skin stuff is pretty damn delightful as well.

Despite all her recent troubles with a drug related investigation, Tulisa didn't seem to let it stop her from being the center of attention in her two piece, or her buddy Chelsee from trying to get noticed too by showing off a heaping scoop of sideboob.

All in all I'd say these girls were full into vacation party mode. Not that they remembered to invite me. Alas, my fluorescent yellow Speedo remains unworn for yet another holiday weekend. Enjoy.

Tulisa Contostavlos Bikini Weekend Doubles Down on Spanish Vacation Poolside Peeks

The last time we saw Tulisa Contostavlos, the singer and X-Factor judge was stumbling out of a London area bar well into the evening. I guess Tulisa needed a break from all that domestic partying, so she took her plastic cup and champagne bottles it seems and head down to Spain for a little R&R. And, not like Tulisa is the only beneficiary, as we, the gentleman oglers get to share in Tulisa's poolside bikini debauchery.

First, in a virginal white, which we might believe, had we not seen her sex tape:

And next in a more party-perfect tiger print:

Meow, my little Conto-kitty. How we wish we were on the adjacent chaise lounge chair to Tulisa, so she could more easily hit us in the face with her drink as we stepped just a tad bit over the line with our comments. Hey, you can't find the line until you go over it. Enjoy.

Tulisa Contostavlos Brings Her Puppies Out for a London Stroll

Tulisa's Sex Tape
You're not a somebody until you're having sex on tape. Read More »

We haven't seen much of Tulisa Contostavlos of late. Certainly a lot less since the public airing of her sex tape last year and maybe a couple other things in her personal life that caused her to lower her profile. But, the X-Factor judge is back with a boobtastic vengeanace, hitting the late night clubs in London, getting her drink and cleavage on. And quite a cleavage it is for the Irish-Greek N-Dubz singer. The pillows of legends.

We are nothing around here if not for redemption. Okay, well, celebrity skin too. But using skin to seek redemption, that's the winning ticket. Tonight, Tulisa, you are our champion. Enjoy.

Tulisa Contostavlos’ Tight Dress Steals Mobo Award Nominations

Honestly, I have no idea what the Mobo Awards are; I don't really care. Once we saw Tulisa Contostavlos in the world's tightest dress, we lost any and all thirst for knowledge, we just thirsted for Tulisa.

The X-Factor judge seems to be going through an all-grown up phase, from girl to woman, dealing with her sex tape release several months back like a total pro, completely on her own, and now, the outfits are looking like a lady who knows exactly who she is and what she's doing. Of course, we would like to see that same lady without the dress on just to show her who we are and what we'd like to do. Enjoy.