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Twilight Is Here! He Said With a Smirk (Well, At Least The Hotties Came Out for the Premiere)

I’m told this is the end of the Twilight Saga, the pornucopia of cinematic fare that has stimulated the libidinal parts of the fairer gender, young and old, with its incredibly romantic vision of Goth vampires from the Pacific Northwest, like so many flannel-clad vegan protestors outside a Starbucks, thirsty for blood, or, pumpkin-spiced lattes.

While it’s easy to mock the craptastic vamp trail that has been Twilight, there’s no doubt that the film series has introduced us to a treasure trove of hotties, for whom we are thankful in this giving of thanks season, and many of whom were in attendance at the L.A. premiere of the Breaking Dawn 2 finale last night, including Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Kristen Stewart, who along with Ashley Tisdale and Teresa Palmer, stole the show on the big production red carpet. Looking at all these lovely ladies it wasn’t hard to imagine a little serious sucking going on. Enjoy.

These Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer Shots from On Set Are Driving Me Wild

Let’s break this down all scientific.

Who doesn’t lust how Australians? And Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer are two mighty fine specimens from the land Down Under; two drop dead gorgeous young thespianics who have seen fit to dangle their darling wares in Hollywood, making Tinsel Town that much hotter.

Seeing the two girls splashing about in the ocean on the set of Knight of Cups, the Christian Bale movie that will likely prove to be heavier than a lead weight drenched in lead and soldered to even more lead weights, still, it all has me feeling very much like I broke into an Aussie schoolgirl sorority fantasy at just the moment before the skirts start dropping, which for my actual fantasy is about three nano-seconds from the beginning. I like to move quick.

Is it just me or are you seeing this too?  Enjoy.

Aussie Invasion: Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin Lit Up Outside Chateau Marmont

Of all the great Australian exports, none comes close to surpassing the bounty of hot women the island continent nation delivers unto the world and our own U.S. shores quite regularly, including Down Under ex-pats Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin, getting giddy with the drink outside the Chateau Marmont over the weekend.

The two sodded Southern hemispherical natives stumbled outside the hotspot bar looking all kinds of ready to take on everything Hollywood has to offer, which is basically a free t-shirt and a smack on the rear. And I’m just the guy to give it to these Aussie girls, the free t-shirt I mean. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian, Alice Eve, Minka Kelly Among Hotties Pimping Valentino at Store Opening

I’m quite certain that my invitation to the fancy Valentino event last night in Beverly Hills got lost in the mail. Surely, I’m on the mailing list for all high end fashiony events. Or perhaps somebody has leaked out the secret that I do most of my shopping at Target, on the sale racks, with my Amazon local discounts printed out on recycled paper. Hey, you can’t get six pairs of gym socks for $9 with the Valentino label sewn in.

Regardless, a number of Hollywood hotties did receive the invitation to pimp out the high-end brand last night, including Kim Kardashian, who we begrudgingly must admit dolls up extremely nice, Spanx and all, Alice Eve who was all kinds of see-throughish, Ciara, who has one of the more underrated best bodies in Tinsel Town, Minka Kelly, who can’t seem to act, but can seem to be super hot, and Aussie sextastic, Teresa Palmer, the hot blonde from, well, a ton of movies, who played that role as well at last night’s event. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Elizabeth Hurley See-Through, Teresa Palmer Topless, Jessica Alba Publicly Pubic, and Much More…

Click to See Uncensored

There’s truly no better feeling to be had in this world that doesn’t involve physical contact short of that feeling realizing it’s Friday. No, not just because our local liquor store throws in teriyaki jerky on Friday’s with each bottle purchased (which equals a whole lotta jerky), although that is a huge part of our positive sentiment, but the end of the work week is when we open the mail bag to find the deliciously naughty treats submitted by our readers for our readers. If you could see me here, you’d know I squeal like a little girl child on Christmas morning when she spots a puppy under the tree every time we open our woolen Reader Finds mail bag.

This weeks Reader Finds includes some see-through photo peeps of veteran hot Elizabeth Hurley, some more highly definitioned topless movie views of Teresa Palmer, Jessica Alba flashing some wisps of the lady nest, Kelly Pickler in sexy bikini time, ridiculously hot model Randi Ingerman flashing her wares, Clemency Poesy in another topless movie role, Rihanna being mounted, Kelly Brook in classic sexy lingerie shoot, and Michelle Marsh just because she’s so hot without clothes. It’s a bushel of boobtastic delights.

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Teresa Palmer Award Winning Braless Sideboob Pictures

Lovely Aussie lust crush, Teresa Palmer, took to the stage of the Australians in Film Breakthrough Awards and literally broke through the sextastic barrier in her braless, sideboob baring little number. I’m not sure which award exactly was handed out to the co-star of I Am Number Four and Take Me Home Tonight, but it should’ve been a trophy for just looking all kinds of awesome and boobtastic.

Australia definitely deserves some type of special award itself for pumping out a seemingly never ending line of fair-haired hotties. There must be something in the water down under, but it’s surely making the world a much happier place. Enjoy.

Reader Finds: Izabel Goulart Wet and Hot, Cinthia Fernadez Topless Apple Bites, Cameron Diaz Mystery Dancing, and Teresa Palmer Nekkid Restraints (VIDEO)


Whoa, Nelly. As in Egotastic! reader ‘Nelly G.’ who found these Sports Illustrated outtakes of the amazingly sexy and boobtastic Izabel Goulart in something you might call a bikini or swimsuit or just almost see-through perfection. Oh, Izabel, how you make me want to mispronounce your last name over and over again in our sacred boudoir of making the love.  (UPDATE: These photos were removed at the request of Sports Illustrated)

Muchos muchos gracias to Egotastic! superfan ‘Juni R.’ for reacquainting us with Argentinean naughty reality TV star Cinthia Fernandez (a.k.a. Abby Diaz) who apparently hates clothing and loves to be exposed. Who’s going to argue with that philosophy?

We have no idea where this odd Cameron Diaz dancing in a thin white top clip comes from, neither did EgoFan ‘Swizzle’ who nevertheless had the foresight to share this motion picture of A-Rod’s current five-times a day squeeze and see if anyone out there could figure it out.

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