Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone In A Red Hot Bikini In Ibiza

British model and hot person Tamara Ecclestone showed off her tight body in a red bikini in Ibiza. She looks amazing, especially seeing as she just had a kid. Some women snap back into hotness form immediately after childbirth. Needless to say her boobs are also bigger than normal. It is the amazing miracle of mother nature that women's boobs grow to enormous sizes after pregnancy. Although the whole thing is rather gross, I do approve of that part. I mean, Tamara's funbags are normally pretty awesome but now they are truly spectacular. Sadly this is just temporary so we must enjoy it while we can. Tamara has also got an amazing pair of legs. They are long and lean and give her a statuesque quality.

I like a tall woman. Back when I was single I always felt like I had accomplished something if I bedded a tall girl. It's like climbing Mt. Everest only sexy.


Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Yellow MILFtastic Bouncy Hotness in St. Tropez

It really is amazing how fast the sextastic celebrities bounce back body wise these days from pushing offspring through their gestational lines. I had a friend who's wife had a baby two years ago and I still haven't taken off all the sympathy weight. But if you're blessed with the genetics of lingerie model and F-1 Racing heiress Tamara Ecclestone, these things come much easier to you.

Tamara was out on another holiday to the South of France with her lucky bastard husband and baby, but most importantly, showing off her MILFtastic wares and incredibly fit bikini body in a little yellow thing that barely held in her milky goodness. It was basically a taunt I suppose at all those in Hollywood fearful of baby ruining their bodies. Granted, it helps to be young and born with lingerie model looks, but there's nothing a thousand hours of Pilates and salads can't fix. Thankfully, we can just do the thousand hours of ogling part after. Tamara Ecclestone, you are a marvel of modern nature. I shall now marvel at you for the next thirty minutes. Enjoy.

Tamara Ecclestone Bikini Hotness Post-Baby Vaults Her Right into MILFtastic Stratosphere

It's got to be the genes, right? Those model genetics inherited from her mom (not so much her odd looking dad) that allows a brunette hottie heiress like Tamara Ecclestone to look like this just seven-weeks after officially joining MILFhood for the first time. I mean, I've never pushed a child through my birthing canal before, not that I remember, or gestated one in my belly, but I have to imagine it typically takes more than seven works of even regular exercise to generally look this solid and tight in a bikini. Naturally, Tamara's mams are even bigger than before, which she blessedly shows off in this undersized bikini top.

This entire scene is absolutely perfect. Except she's in Morocco instead off crying on my shoulder telling me how her husband doesn't appreciate her and spends many nights away since the baby was born. That's when Uncle Bill steps in, gives the baby a little whiskey spiked milk for a sleepy nap, and shows mom that some men appreciate her now more than ever. I'm a randy Mary Poppins. Enjoy.

Tamara Ecclestone Doesn’t Let A Little Preggo Get In the Way of Short Skirt Leg Show

You know how keen I am on the legs of the lovely ladies, not the least of which on the female forms of lingerie model billionaire heiresses who will someday be my third wife. Tamara Ecclestone may be with child, but she's not letting that stop her from showing off her sweet and luscious long stems from beneath a rather short skirt for a preggo lady of London town out for the evening. Tamara nearly flashed a panties view up and under her miniskirt, which I suppose would've been a cheeky peek indeed.

Of course, being a preg-hottie chaser, I applaud such public reveals. The legs probably won't look amazing forever, let them show, sister. Enjoy.

Tamara Ecclestone Drops Two Heaps of Green Bikini Goodness on Vacation in Italy

I don't know. I could someday see myself marrying a woman with a wicked hot bikini body who also had hundreds of millions of dollars to her name. I mean, our name. One or the other would really do, but the chance to have both, as in the fine female form of Tamara Ecclestone, well, that is the dream.

Tamara was in a green bikini along the shore line in some Italian resort town that would never let me within forty nautical miles of a dock, showing off her twin features and an all over tan that bespeaks of a woman with a life not exactly spent digging ditches. And were I her man, she would be treated like a princess. Or a nurse. Or maybe a captures female soldier, depending on the whims of our naughty cosplay. Enjoy.

Tamara Ecclestone Cleavetastic Swimsuit Suntanning

I guess you could say marriage suits Tamara Ecclestone. Or at least it's not slowing down. The heiress and lingerie line operator is a month into her first of nobody knows how many future marriages and she seems to be quite happy, at least in the mood to show off much of the genes she inherited from her model mom in this cleavage revealing swimsuit set of photos.

As you know, I have committed myself to finding a boobtastic sweet looking woman of means to keep me in the lifestyle I've become accustomed to over the years, or maybe that lifestyle but better food than Ramen noodles four nights a week. I'm thinking Tamara would not be a bad choice. That killer body. A naughty cheeky smile. And a few hundred million in the bank ought to just about do the trick. I'll probably have to watch a lot of soccer, but that's a tradeoff I'm willing to make. Just look at her. Enjoy

Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Ecclestone Bikini Pictures from a Yacht in Capri

Well, don't you know, the fabulously wealthy Eccletstone sisters and I spend our summer yachting seasons together in Capri typically. At least, the F-1 racing heiresses were actually there yesterday boating in their bikinis whilst I was taking a bath in my luxurious walk-up (actually, the elevator's just broke) with my model sailboat and my rubber ducky. Sort of the same. Only, the girls got much more attention for their efforts.

Tamara Ecclestone was just married to some guy who should do for a year or maybe two, and is looking every bit the newlywed happy busty girl in her bikini. While blonde sister Petra Ecclestone gave a rather secretive birth to her first kid back in February or March and seems to have recovered quite nicely in her rarely seen bikini pose these days.

While it would seem both sisters are somewhat spoken for these days, in the world of diamonds and yachts and bikini heiresses, expect circumstances on the ground to be somewhat fluid in the commitment department. I'm biding my time. Dusting off my captain's hat and pipe, and preparing for my swoop into the life of luxury that is my destiny. Enjoy.