Tamara Ecclestone Drops Two Heaps of Green Bikini Goodness on Vacation in Italy

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bill-swift - July 27, 2013

I don't know. I could someday see myself marrying a woman with a wicked hot bikini body who also had hundreds of millions of dollars to her name. I mean, our name. One or the other would really do, but the chance to have both, as in the fine female form of Tamara Ecclestone, well, that is the dream.

Tamara was in a green bikini along the shore line in some Italian resort town that would never let me within forty nautical miles of a dock, showing off her twin features and an all over tan that bespeaks of a woman with a life not exactly spent digging ditches. And were I her man, she would be treated like a princess. Or a nurse. Or maybe a captures female soldier, depending on the whims of our naughty cosplay. Enjoy.