Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush Cleavy Crop Top For Boobtastic Party Winning

I did not want to merely forget about how amazing Sophia Bush looked at the SAG Awards pre-party because I can’t shake it from my mind, I’m madly in lust with Sophia Bush, and I’d like to think she feels the same way about me. Two of those three things are likely true.

The magically underrated hotness and cleavy goodness of Sophia Bush absolutely stole the party dedicated to actors talking to other actors about how tough, but ever amazing, it is to be an actor. Baring your soul for the camera, that’s no easy task. Nor quite as productive from our perspective as baring your amazing funbags. Sophia, let’s get into some really exposing roles. I’ll bring the camera. Enjoy.

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Sophia Bush Cleavage Leads Charge of NBC Universal Hotties at Winter Publicity Tour

It’s that time of year when the networks bring out their talent to parade around in front of the TV critics association and advertisers alike, to show off like a rancher lining up his prized cattle. A not so respectful analogy I suppose, but that’s basically the sum of it. Strut, twirl, smile, look amazing. And so many did for the NBC Universal press tour. Sophia Bush, one seriously underrated hottie, Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, and others arrived to the staging grounds for prime preening.

I’m not exactly sure how bringing out the celebrities in their fineries indicates any quality related to their shows. But I’m the last one to judge as I primarily review content based solely on the sextastic ladies involved. So I’ll take a back seat to the TV critics who perhaps see Sophia Bush, get a half chub, and give her show rave reviews. That’s how I’d play it, except for the halfsies part, that just seems so non-committal. Enjoy.

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Sophia Bush Bootyful In Red Outside Sirius

Sophia Bush is another reminder of just how wide and deep the sextastic world runs. She’s so easily overlooked in so many hottie lists, but make no mistake about it, Sophia, and that quite stunning tush of hers in red, deserves your attention.

The TV actress left the Sirius studios in New York looking mighty glamorous, including some sweet cleave and a tight skirt that presented her thumper well to the gentleman oglers fortunate enough to catch her getting into her ride. I’ve lusted Sophia since she first start making all those TV shows I couldn’t possibly watch, but which put her in the public spotlight. Now, in red. My heart’s a flutter. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/SiriusXM Studios

Sophia Bush Braless For the Season of Boobtastic Giving

I will admit, I haven’t stepped in a brick and mortar store that doesn’t purvey lingerie in over seven years. I’m entirely an online shopper. If I can’t buy it through a site where my credit card and identity can be compromised in nanoseconds, I’m not interested. That being said, I think I could be lured back to the mall proper if more lovely young ladies were sporting the shopping wardrobes of Sophia Bush braless and cleavetastic for the season. Wow, what a stunner. Were I ringing her up at the register, I’d fumble for at least thirty minutes and then inevitably ask her for three forms of ID, one of which must be a body part.

Bless you and your sweet barely covered funbags, Sophia. You put the joy in the Season of Joy, the giving in the Season of Giving, and the lump of coal in my shorts. I think that’s coal. Black Friday kills. Peace out. Enjoy.

Sophia Bush Braless Cleavage on the Set of Extra

Sophia Bush really doesn’t get honored enough for her faptastic female form. The thespianic made sure to get a little more than usual attention when visiting the set of Extra at Universal in a braless, open top that showed off some of her stout sisters dangling beneath. It was the type of wardrobe that could easily lend itself to one memorable malfunction. Sadly, that would make Extra interesting viewing for the first time ever and the gods did not see fit to grand such a privilege.

I’ve always dug Sophia Bush. Seeing her without a bra makes me dig a little deeper if you know what I’m saying. She’s cute, she’s hot, she’s got perfect peaches. She also earns a paycheck that can keep me in the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to. She seems perfect, though I won’t know for sure until after our first night of reckless passion to see if she insists I meet her best friend for breakfast. Also a strong indicator it’s time to change your name and move to Mexico. Enjoy.

Sophia Bush Camel Toe Yet More Untold Stretch Pants Blessings

As you know, I’ve begun a campaign to get the inventor of yoga pants to win some kind of international tribute for his or her changing the literal shape of the sextastic landscape. With just the subtle cut of some Lycra we suddenly have oft intimate views into the lady nest landscape of so many of our favorite sextastic celebrities. Including now Sophia Bush who look ready to hit the gym and get all sweaty.

Sophia Bush really is one of our underrated Hollywood treasures, well, Sophia and her camel toe both desperately undervalued. Her camel toe at least seems to be striking back with some public ferociousness. If you listen closely, I think you can hear it singing. I probably will have to get a little closer. Bless you once again, stretch pants inventor. Enjoy.

Sophia Bush Flashing Legs in Shorts While Shopping in West Hollywood