Sofia Vergara

Reese Witherspoon Sideboobs and Miranda Kerr Cleavetastic Help to Hotten Up the Vanity Fair Post Oscar Party

Vanity Fair knows how to throw a post-Oscars party. It's sort of the big event everybody moves to after all the official business is done at the Academy Awards. Plus they throw in all the sextastic celebrities who didn't quite get an official Oscar invite, the likes of Reese Witherspoon who took the occasion to show off an unusual, but definitely appreciate amount of bare boob with her daring dress.

Along with Reese, Sofia Vergara, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Munn, and Zooey Deschanel helped make this the most ultimate prom night you didn't get invited to. Or I should say, I didn't, so just like prom night. The ladies looked stunning. If only Reese had gotten Georgia-tipsy in that dress, we might've seen a malfunction for the ages. But, it's Oscar night, so everybody was on sadly good behavior. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Elle Macpherson Topless, Kelly Brook Topless, Farrah Fawcett Topless, and Much Much More…


May all your days be as good as Friday. Nobody ever says that, but they should. Sure, we're probably going to be flooded out of our lodgings here in Southern California where over an inch of rain could sweep us away like unprepared Noahs. But so long as we get in one more communal gathering to share in our skin-filled celebrity goods, I could go out to the deep blue a happy man

This week's Reader Finds includes Sofia Vergara sextastic modeling (thank you to EgoReader 'Bella'), our new favorite fitness model Michelle Lewin wearing little more than tape (quite a find from 'Styme'), Latina thespianic Ingrid Rubio topless on screen (kudos to 'Stan'), Brooklyn Decker steamy cleavy in her S.I. Legends shoot (wicked heat by 'Francis'), Farrah Fawcett classic topless caps (topless Angel provided by 'Owen'), some rare bikini shots of Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina (sweet find by 'Dey'), Lea Seydoux model hotness (transmitted by 'Dave P.'), Elle Macpherson topless as a hot teen model (whoa baby via 'Steven'), Kelly Brook topless in Piranha 3D (Kelly never looked fine thanks to 'Steff'), Alexis Knapp topless on the silver screen (knappalicious sent by 'Worked'), Lisa Bonet topless in scary Angel Heart (Cosby daughter goodies by 'Damien'), Mary Louise Parker topless in classic film role (more old school ta-ta's from 'Frenchie'), Cerina Vincent flashing her impressive pair (lo and behold by 'Timm'), Natasha Richardson topless acting (thank you kindly to dear 'Wendell'), Shania Twain in one crazy hot portrait session (Shania lust prepped by 'Doobie'), Lucie Wilde being super naughty hot (gratitude to 'harashkupo'), Justin Bieber video girl hottie Cailin Russo topless candids (blessings from 'Joe'), Kate Lynn Bock see-through modeling pic (sweetness, ever so sweetly dropped off by 'Scott'), Kate Upton maybe a nipple slip in her SI photoshoot (I'm not super sure, but a ton of you sent this in, thanks), a nip sip of SI hottie model Gigi Hadid (many thanks to 'Jess D' for another great find), and, oh, yeah, there was this naughty that seems to be our new object d'lust Valentina Matteucci having her way with her topless self. I can't verify, but I know you'd like to try. Thank you to a whole mess of you who sent in various variations of this wicked adult clip which you can see here (**NSFW LINK WARNING). Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Bathing Suit Boobtastic Goodness Down Under

Well, Sofia Vergara and her castmates from Modern Family were in Australia filming their funny show and giving the good people Down Under a chance to see the Sofia Vergara body in its full and righteous form.

Sweet and full bosom, lovely bottomside, killer smile, it was all working for the cleavetastic Colombian actress who now has officially titillated gentleman oglers on all six continents. Or seven, I can't be expected to remember geography while imagining building sand castles with Sofia. Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Booty Isn’t a House, It’s a Home

Sometimes you see a hot woman with a crazy curvy bottom and you just want to run through your list or terribly delightful things you'd like to do with a full jar of honey and an entire afternoon of unbooked time. Other times you know you just want to move in for good. Sofia Vergara flashed her candied yam cheeks in purple stretch pants that might as well have had a realtor signed attached looking for oglers to nest for a decade or two. Just so sweet and round and perfectly plump.

Blessed stretch pants giveth, and rarely ever taketh away. Let us not forsake the yoga pants craze or it may go away, and along with it, a casually amazing view of the keesster of sultry hot Sofia Vergara. Then I would be sad. Like a child who has lost his favorite toy. For that is what will have passed. Enjoy.

Isla Fisher, Sofia Vergara, Amy Adams, And Other Hotties at the 2014 SAG Awards

While you were watching football, there were about a half dozen more Hollywood Award shows. In the very least, guys get to spread their tux costs across numerous appearances I suppose. And, far more importantly, we get to see our sextastic ladies of celebrity strutting their finest wares on the crimson carpet. It truly is the great upside to this season of self-congratulations.

Thespianics take the SAG Awards quite seriously as that is the Guild of your theatrical types. It's their own cohorts voting on who among them emotes the finest, and everybody who is anybody in the acting world attends, including, most leer-worthy, ginger hottie Isla Fisher, her ginger peer Amy Adams, Sofia Vergara who never doesn't look outrageously hot on the carpet, Ariel Winter rather busty, Morena Baccarin so fine, Maria Menounos ever delicious, and Michelle Dockery, slender but spectacular. Then a bunch of awards were handed out, agents were thanked, and people who cry for a living cried. It was special. Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Wins the Golden Globes Boobtastic After-Party Awards

Talk about your golden globes, Sofia Vergara has them right here. Sofia easily could have been named the hottie d'jour on the red carpet of the 2014 Golden Globes last night. What she did at the after-party was simply make it a no doubter. Albeit, the lovely likes of Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, and a cleavetastic Vanessa Hudgens made a play for the gold medal, nobody was able to keep abreast, as it were, with Sofia and her low cut shiny gown.

At next year's Golden Globes, I hope Sofia sits at my table. I mean, the table I'm assigned to pour water and refill wine glasses. I'm quite certain I would be pouring from her right, even as my left was wandering. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Cleavetastic In Her Little Red Showy Dress in GQ

Sofia Vergara is so teasy veteran hot, I want to climb through the pages of this month's GQ India and just, well, let her know I've been climbing through pages to see her. Maybe ask her for a little peck on the cheek or a bigger peck somewhere else. She's just all kinds of teasy fun bedroom kitten hot. Like a sultry siren of the domestic lands for whom you'd gladly crash your ship for but a moment of gazing upon her femme fatale form.

I can think of many alluring things in this world, but Sofia Vergara in a little red dress and come hither smiles? Well, that's very tough to beat. Enjoy.