Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Plus Leather Pants Equals Happiness

Well, it was Modern Family Appreciation Day in Los Angeles, and what more to appreciate about Modern Family than the super fine veteran asstastic of Sofia Vergara. How much happiness has she brought to your life in the past half-dozen years? I want to see her some flowers or a Starbucks gift card or maybe part of my left ear to show my appreciation.

Sofia Vergara showing up in tight leather pants was a big thank you to all of her fans, and to all of us gentleman oglers who could probably sketch her booty in charcoal on paper with our eyes closed. I'm pretty sure I could nail it within plus or minus two centimeters. I'd probably go plus. That booty could only be finer by busting bigger. Enjoy.

‘Machete Kills’ Has a New Ad on Your TV (VIDEO)

Amber Heard is very talented...
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Incase you've missed the barrage of clips involving boobs and blood promoting Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills, there's a new ad for the film airing on television. But in addition to boobs and blood, this clip also has a boat.

It just keeps getting better and better.

Machete Kills stars Danny Trejo as the titular blade-wielding super spy who must stop a madman with a nuclear bomb (Mel Gibson) from destroying Washington, D.C. However, Madame Desdemona (Sofia Vergara) and a group of would-be female assassins stands in his way. Also, these women are really hot, and they have guns on their breasts and crotches, which might seem a tad juvenile, but is actually some profoundly insightful satire if you stop and think about it. OK, no it's not.

Machete Kills hits theaters next week.

Alexa Vega, Sofia Vergara, and Paris Hilton Lead List of Hotties at Machete Kills Premiere

I'm quite nervous about Machete Kills. It seems like a movie I should absolutely positively effin' love, which always makes me nervous about suffering disappointment. Beneath my obviously unmatchably masculine exterior lies a tender heart of an oft-wounded boy. I'm not sure I could handle this movie sucking.

And how can hopes not be high with the stellar sextastic cast involved, including several Latina hotties who showed up to last night's movie premiere, including notably Alexa Vega and Sofia Vergara. Both play fine body exhibiting roles in this Spanish shlock fest. All the more reason I can not contain my enthusiasm. This better not be a big fall. Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara, Maria Menounos, Heidi Klum Among Hotties Worth Seeing at the 2013 Emmy Awards

Well, if I'm being honest, the Emmy Awards were pretty damn boring My expectations where low, they were met. But like all major award shows, they do bring out some of the finest women on the planet trying to look their finest, and that can never be wrong.

The 2013 Emmy Awards were highlighted by the good looking likes of Sofia Vergara, who steals every red carpet she ever attends, Maria Menounos, a Grecian TV goddess, Heidi Klum, Julie Bowen, Malin Akerman, and several other noteworthy sextastic stars of the small screen. I give the show a C minus, I give these ladies my phone number. Please, call me. Enjoy.

‘Machete Kills’ Looks Like It Was Made by a 12-Year-Old Boy (VIDEO)

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Racial stereotypes, booby darts, and cock guns: These are just a few of the reasons Machete Kills looks like it was made by a bored middle schooler. But is that such a bad thing? After all, if you're reading Egotastic, you're probably in touch with your inner twelve-year-old. And like me, you'll probably enjoy wallowing in Robert Rodriguez's crapulence.*

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Sofia Vergara in Tight Jeans and Tight Tops, A Big Slice of Bootiful Heaven

Honestly, I'd watch Sofia Vergara strut around in an XXL burqa if that's how she chose to wardrobe herself, such is her level of hotness. The fact that she prefers form fitting clothes, tight tops and stretch pants, or just a pair of tight jeans cruising around town...

... well that's what I like to call a gift from the gods. A gentle reminder that good looking women become great looking women when their fine female forms are readily within eye-shot. Were I the king of some foreign land, I would make Sofia Vergara my queen and cover her in gold and jewels and some other things that a lady will only really let you do after the gold and jewels. Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara In a Tight Dress Means a Must-See Movie

Jon Favreau's new comedy, Chef, seems more likely than not to be watchable, but when you add to the mix the addition of Sofia Vergara to the cast, you might as well make it a must-see in my book. Though Sofia will not be flashing her tops nor likely providing us with Miami Spring Breakers type peeks, her curvaceous Colombian body in tight and low cut outfits is more than enough to get me wanting to watch her from all angles as a I munch on eight-dollars of ten-cents worth of popcorn.

Here's a simple plan for making a successful movie -- fill it with hot curvy women with alluring Latina accents. Then add a car chase or maybe a bank robbery or a couple scenes where people outrun explosions and bullets, and you have yourself a hit. You don't really even need that last part. Sofia makes everything worth watching. Enjoy.