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Kate Bosworth, Shiri Appleby, and January Jones Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Lucky ’13 is almost over, hard to believe. But with the end of the calendar comes the countdowns and top lists and memories of mammaries of the past twelve months. Our skinematic knowledgeable friends at Mr. Skin have come up with their top three nekkid debuts of 2013, if for no other reason than another chance to remind viewers that while America remains something of a Puritanical home, we still have blessed bold pockets of fine female exhibitions on screen.

For his top three, Mr. Skin has chosen Kate Bosworth flashing her precious sweethearts in Big Sur, Shiri Appleby getting some nekkid love juicing in Girls, and January Jones riverbed funbags in Sweetwater. Take a trip down melancholy lane and feel the love. Enjoy.

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Amber Heard, Jennifer Connelly, Heather Graham, and Shiri Appleby All Flashing Funbags in This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute Topless Screencaps
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Oh, the dog days of summer are upon us. I say this mostly because I found my own dog chewing up my favorite pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes last night in what I can only describe as a canine act of suicide by cop. I spared the rod, because I am a sucker for animals with long noses, though I did have a lengthy if not graphic conversation with Mr. Bones about what happens to bad dogs who get sent to the pound. I don’t see that aberrant behavior returning for at least a week.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the delicious Amber Heard not nekkid in Paranoia out this weekend, but quite sexy-scene topless in The Informers, a double feature on Blu-Ray of Jennifer Connelly topless in The Hot Spot and Heather Graham full topless frontal in Killing Me Softly, and Shiri Appleby topless in Girls Season 2 now also out on Blu-Ray. It’s a lot of ta’s. Deal with it.

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Alleged Shiri Appleby Nekkid Photo Rocks the Easily Rockable Internet

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Let me say, I’m inclined to be cynical these days about leaked cell phone pictures that I can’t personally verify. I’m getting old and cranky and ready to yell at fake photo posters to get off my lawn. That’s my bias. But so many of you have written in about this photo racing across the Internet allegedly depicting Shiri Appleby depicting her full frontal nekkid self in a cell phone picture, well, I had to respond.

While the photo does look like a woman who looks a lot like Shiri Appleby, I’m disinclined to believe it’s the fanboy faptastic favorite because:

1.  Timing. It appears just as Shiri goes topless onscreen for the first time ever. Suspicious
2.  Only one. There’s only one photo produced so far. Somebody with access or receiving Shiri’s photos would likely have more, even if semi-clad.
3   Full frontal. We’ve never really seen this before from even the actresses who have cell-shot themselves. Seems very bold for a woman with some knowledge of how media works.

Still, it does rather look like her. What says you?

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Shiri Appleby Topless Again! Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavetastc and Dawn Olivieri Topless Headline the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Emmy Rossum Bra and Panties Scene in Shameless
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Wow and double wow. Thank you controversial and often difficult for a man to watch TV show Girls for bringing us a second dose of the fanboy faptastic Shiri Appleby topless for another week. Whatever else you do on that show to drive away male viewers, you compensate for with gems such as Shiri.

Adding to a stellar Boob Tube Roundup is sextastic Dawn Olivieri topless finally again in House of Lies, Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing her cleavage big time on The Client List, Emmy Rossum doing her underwear skinny hot body thing on Shameless, Shanola Hampton and Emma Greenwell flashing their ta-ta’s on the same show. And more hot bodied topless goodness from Spartacus, War of the Damned. It’s all good. It’s all very good.

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Spring Breakers Topless Hotties, Selma Blair Nekkid Sexy, and Shiri Appleby Topless Goo-Fest in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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What else today but Spring Breakers? And while we have personally confirmed that in the U.S. edition of the film at least only Rachel Korine among the cast members bares any visible toplessness, the film is jam-packed with Floridian T&A and according to Mr. Skin, and us, well worth the price of admission (regardless of critical review).

Such is the power of Spring Breakers that it nearly eclipses this week’s other monumental skin-on-screen news of fanboy faptastic Shiri Appleby stripping off her clothes, getting jiggy with it, and making change with a money shot in Girls. Throw in Selma Blair nekkid making some sexy in In Their Skin. This is one must-see Mr. Skin Minute.

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Shiri Appleby Topless! Jennifer Love Hewitt Busty and a Topless Former Power Ranger Highlights the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Shiri Appleby Topless Scene in Girls
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Wow, now this is why the television was invented. Or cable television at least. The pinnacle of achievement for the small screen when belusted fanboy favorite, Shiri Appleby finally takes off her top onscreen, and, gets a splotch of love as her kind rewards.

Shiri takes the risque pole position in this week’s episode of Girls, the groundbreaking female-for-females HBO show that as often led us to question the awesomeness of nekkidness on the Boob Tube, but not this week. Oh, no. Oh, Shiri. Sweet naughty goodness.

Joining Shiri topless in this week’s Boob Tube Roundup is Anna Hutchison, former Power Ranger turned topless hottie in Spartacus: War of the Damned. Throw in the season premiere of Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing about as much chest as she will allow in The Client List, and you have one mighty wrap up. So unwrap and behold. And most definitely enjoy.

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Happy Hebrew School Hottie News: Shiri Appleby (Might Be) Getting Nekkid Onscreen

EgoReader ‘Eric’ wet himself when he heard an interview with Roswell brunette Shiri Appleby on The Nerdist that she might getting nekkid in her role on the upcoming (in January) season of HBO’s Girls.

HOWEVER, if you listen to the interview carefully, you will likely note that Shiri does not confirm you will be seeing her full bare funbags. There could be angles involved, little bits of clothing, so, temper your elongated excitement if you will. We’ve been burned by similar Jennifer Aniston pre-show ‘brave topless’ hype before.

Let’s keep our fingers (and legs) crossed until we find out more. Enjoy.