Serinda Swan

Francia Raisa and Serinda Swan Not So Unlikely Hotties at Gala

They have this Unlikely Heroes gala every fall and every year it’s another disappointment for me not to be even nominated. I like to think it’s because I’m a Likely Hero for my work in the sharing of the sextastic, but I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I don’t share the hotness skills of the likes of Francia Raisa and Serinda Swan, showing off in form fitting dresses at the fancy affair over the weekend.

There were many sweet female types in attendance at I’m sure well-meaning event, but Francia and Serinda stole the show for me, frontside and booty. A couple girls we don’t see all too often on here, but certainly deserve your ogling attention. Just wicked wicked hot and spankable. They are. Just, please, be polite and ask first. Enjoy.

Serinda Swan Bikini Time and Kelly Lynch Nekkid Swim Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Serinda Swan Bikinis on Graceland
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It was not quite the bounty on the small screen this past week, not boobtastic bounty at least. But our gleaning of the boob tube still yielded a couple noteworthy results, including hottie thespianic Serinda Swan showing off in a bikini top in the new USA series Graceland, where she plays some kind of undercover law enforcement agent. And bikinis do make the best kind of undercover.

Joining Serinda in this week’s Boob Tube Roundup is veteran actress Kelly Lynch, taking a nekkid, albeit mostly obscured swim. Many of you were probably having sweet thoughts of Kelly as far back at two and a half decades ago in Road House, and, now a chance to see her along with a copiously nekkid girl-on-girl orgy scene that makes Magic City more than worth a peek. Enjoy.

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Ashley Greene, Maria Menounos, and Halle Berry Lead List of Hotties at Variety’s ‘Power of Women’ Estrogen Soaked Gala

Now, you don’t need to tell anyone here about the power of women, well, hot women specifically. We’ve dedicated our lives for the past many years to the yearning supplication before the knees (to more ably peek up their skirts) of wicked hot celebrities. Granted, the folks at Variety may be conceiving of a broader definition of female power at their celebration, but, then, they’re overlooking the fundamental leverage women have over men in 99.9% of interactions. We men can’t say ‘no’ to sextastic ladies.

For example, oh, blessed hot Ashley Greene who was in attendance, Maria Menounos for whom we want to build a shrine of marble or plywood with a faux marble finish as it’s more economical, Halle Berry who we’ve been lusting for two decades now, Serinda Swan, brunette woman of super ogle-worthiness powers, and let us not overlook Azita Ghanizada, Afghan-born thespianic hottie who we first drooled over in some guest appearances on Entourage.

You want to talk about the power of women? Take a look at these ridiculously hot women and see if you can ever imagine not doing everything they say with a big dumb smile on your face. We must concede. Enjoy.

Serinda Swan Agent Provacateur Lingerie

READER FINDS: Katy Perry Cleavage, Rachel Nichols Nekkid, Imogen Thomas Topless, and Much Much More…


We’ve made it to Friday, but nobody makes it anywhere in life alone. It takes a village, not to raise a child necessarily, but to assemble the morass of asstastic and boobtastic we call our communal Reader Finds each week; no one man could assemble such celebrity flesh. So, once more, I come bearing wreaths of thanks to those of our readers who moonlight form their daily toils to provide Egotastic! with their particular discoveries of the sextastic kind.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a wicked pic of Katy Cocktease teasing, well, you know what, Rachel Nichols in purported rare nekkid photos, Britty gossiped about girl Imogen Thomas quite topless, the wonderful uncovered Floppy Tesouro unbound from clothing, soapy star Helen Flanagan flashing monster cleavage, India Reynolds busting through paper to strip, Krysten Ritter in one sexy pictorial, Phoebe Tonkin in bra and panties glory on the tube, Serinda Swan with just her guitar, Holly Peers flashing her peerless twins, and Natasha McElhone getting about as sexy as she gets on camera, which is nice.

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Is Serinda Swan Reason Enough to Watch ‘Breakout Kings’ Tonight on A&E?

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Egotastic! is often accused of just checking out TV shows for the hot actresses and neglecting to notice how good a show might actually be. Well, accusations hurt, even if totally true, so we decided to interview one of the writers from the breakout A&E show, Breakout Kings, which has all the critics and TV nerds buzzing with excitement, now into its second season.

We rang up Michael Gilvary, Breakout Kings writer, to ask him some hard-hitting questions about the show. Sure, he hung up on us a few times after stringing together a series of unnecessarily nasty comments about our mothers and tree branches, but persistence pays off in all things. Michael relented. And here’s how he handled our profound interrogatives:

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READER FINDS: Erica Durance Topless Stills, Serinda Swan Nipple Peek, Candace Bailey Asstastic, Kari Byron MythBosom, Belen Mozo Upskirt, Angel McCord Sex Scene, and More…


There are seventeen reasons I look forward to Fridays. Six of those are chilling in my Craigslist bartered mini-fridge right now, which leaves eleven, well ten if you must know once you count in the NFL preview shows, and one of the top ten reasons for sure if sharing in all the gloriously generous and skin-revealing hotness provided By Our Readers, For Our Readers. It’s the moment each week that I realize now matter how crazy this world gets, it’s still mostly filled with a bunch of good people who love hot women. There is hope in that commonality.

This weeks bevy of the celebrity sextastic includes Smallville actress Erica Durance topless onscreen, Serinda Swan and one beautiful breakout nipple, Candace Bailey from G4TV flashing a fine piece o’ rump,  fanboy favorite Kari Byron just being her chesty self, LPGA golfer Belen Mozo flashing her panties on the course, Angel McCord and Kristen Howe in a Cinemaxtastic lesbionic scene, and a funbag foursome of Rhian Sugden and Lacey Banghard from Page 3. It’s a big lust bucket of stupendous.

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