Sara Sampaio

Sextastic Sara Sampaio Jumps Around In A Bikini For Calzedonia

What power to be able to instruct Portuguese super hottie Sara Sampaio to jump around in a bikini. I can’t imagine giving her orders. Though definitely following some. Like, my straps are irritating, can you do something about that? How about I can do 973 things about that in the next five minutes, Ms. Sampaio, but you have to trust me and not scream.

Sara is one of those passion inducers of unchecked power. I’m not sure she even yet understands the full nature of her gift. I’ve seen her interviewed. She’s truly meek. She knows not yet that she could rule this world in any one of those bikinis she’s modeling, the entire universe probably if she took off the bikini altogether. Perhaps it’s best she remains unaware. Absolutely power corrupts absolutely. Sextastic power even more so. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Calzedonia

Sara Sampaio And Romee Strijd Apply Sunscreen While In Bikinis In Miami

Look, if you’re not going to check out your own asstastic, you can’t expect the oglers to do it all for you. Though I suppose I would clearly help out a woman in such need to the full extent of my albeit lazy powers. Young V.S. hottie models, the Portuguese Sara Sampaio, and the Dutch Romee Strijd, took a break from their photo work to tan up their hiney skin on the beach in Miami, ensuring that the SPF was evenly applied to all square inches of their tight little bikini bodies.

Once again, I’m reminded that if I were a girl with a body like Sara or Romee, I’d likely never leave my own bedroom, let alone my bathtub, where the walls would be lined with emollients, lubricants, and Sesame Street inspired play toys. That’s my thing. If I ever did hit the beach, I’m sure I would follow suit by continuously rubbing lotion across my hot body until at least ten men under fifty suffered cardiac arrest. The power these slender ladies hold in their bikinis is nearly incalculable. I hope nobody tells them. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF

Sara Sampaio Models Bras and Panties and Just General Smoking Hot Goodness

Oh, how I do love my lovelies in lingerie. It can be ornate, but I’m just swell with the likes of Portuguese sextastic model Sara Sampaio in the bras and panties for Victoria’s secret Pink collection. I’m not sure why their new line is called Pink, but if it involves passion inducing brunette hotties in little bits of underthings showing off, they could call it Liver and Broccoli and I’d still go back for seconds.

Victoria’s Secret has pretty much locked up every crazy hot slender woman in the world to model their wares. There was a time they featured three or four angels, now the entire realm of smoking hot international models is in their arsenal. They’re like the Microsoft of fetching girls in lingerie. They are dominating. To the victor go the spoils and to the oglers go the sweet views. I see this as a win-win provided they never stop with all the pictures. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria Secret Pink

Sara Sampaio Topless Sultry Dreams Comes True in Black and White

Sara Sampaio Topless from 'Angels' by Russell James
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Sara Sampaio just happens to be the hottest thing to come out of Portugal since spice shellfish stew and only one of those do I want to cuddle up with in my Ikea bed after dark. Hint, not the stew. We’ve been yearning, longing, and outright fawning over Sara Sampaio since first we laid peeps upon the wicked hot sultry brunette. Now, she just got a little bit sultrier, by way of these topless crazy alluring shots in Russell James Angels book, which if you’re not in line to buy, then what the heck do you spend your money on?

Sara is one of those girls that reminds me that just when you thought a sextastic model couldn’t get any hotter, well, there’s always a notch higher. There’s always an 11 to climb to when the moment is just right. Sara Sampaio and that outstanding female form creates many right moments. I’d lay down the plastic sheeting in advance, just in case that moment strikes without warning. Enjoy.

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Sara Sampaio Topless Majestic Holy Hotness in Lui Magazine

Sara Sampaio Topless in a Bikini for Lui Magazine 2014
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You know I believe Sara Sampaio to be the most sextastic thing out of Portugal in, well, forever really. The sultry dark and alluring model often graces the pages of fashion magazines, swimsuit and occasionally lingerie shoots. But, now, oh lucky days, the ridiculously hot model is topless on the pages of Lui magazine, quickly becoming one of my very favorite periodicals in the world.

It’s not that I can’t be fully in lust with a young smoking hot model until I’ve closely examined her sweet funbags. It’s just that that does help seal the deal in an orderly and expedited fashion. And, Sara, our deal is more than closed. Your body is just out of this world, though I wish more a part of my world. How I would spoil you if you were my girlfriend. For at least a month or so before neglect and taking for granted and other instinct kicked in. But, oh, what an August we would have. Let’d do this! Clothing optional. Enjoy.

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Sara Sampaio Looks Super Fine in Revolve Clothing Summer 2014

Nina Agdal and Sara Sampaio Twin Sweetness for bebe

What happens when you put the hottest girl from Denmark and put her together in sexy wardrobe preening aside the most sextastic girl to ever come out of Portugal? Well, I get a five minute break to catch my breath and various and sundry other private and personal activities.

Wow. And I don’t usually say that about a woman’s wear line of catalog pimping shoots. But Danish Delight Nina Agdal and Sara Sampaio together in one single frame with four amazing funbags and two wicked hot bodies. Yes, please, send me the catalog. Or just the girls please. I’ve got a solid part two idea for this particularly themed shoot. We won’t sell many dresses, but when the fire department arrives with the Jaws of Life to detach me from Nina and Sara, I will have quite the glory days story to tell my grandkids. Enjoy.