Rosie Roff

Rosie Roff and Abigail Ratchford Cleavy Brunette Hosting Hotties at Argyle

My Pennsylvania Common Law wife Abigail Ratchford and her Britty brunette hot model friend Rosie Roff hosted a celebration of the Mexican victory over France at the Battle of La Puebla in the 19th century. Go figure. They brought along their sextastic cohort Jazelle Morales to complete the trio of busty alluring brunettes working their Hollywood hostess magic like no other.

Now, I could lament the fact that this was another happening hot girl party in my own town where I was suspiciously and quite hurtfully not invited. But since I happened to begin my Cinco de Mayo celebrations on Tres de Mayo and didn’t become conscious again until Siete de Mayo, I can only cry so much over spilled horchata. See how I did that? However, if the racktastic delights of Abigail, Rosie, and Jazelle ever get together again in their showy dresses with busty goodness and exclude me, I shall cry as a child who has lost his lollipop, because that’s pretty much a spot-on metaphor. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twist Photo

Rosie Roff Sexy FHM Pictures Demand Attention

Hot, British young thang rising super model Rosie Roff makes the entrance I like to see onto the pages of Egotastic! by baring much of her hot body on the pages of FHM South Africa, where she sports and contorts her way into our hearts and minds, and the vaults located deep within. I’d like to say we discovered Rosie, but that sounds like Columbus saying he discovered America; it was kind of already there, he just ran into it. Well, I’d like to run into Rosie Roff someday, and, you know, colonize her coastal regions. Enjoy.