Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan Brings Her Funbags to Paris Fashion Week, Let’s Them Breathe

Rose McGowan got a new haircut and a low cut open outfit and headed to Paris for a couple fashion shows and some paparazzi snapshots of her well moisturized bosom. Rose has been showing off that veteran hot body of hers for a while now, including a nice commitment to getting nekkid for the cameras since moving into the forties and faptastic category of our sextastic celebrities.

As much as I continue to ridicule and dislike the concept of the world coming together to showcase singularly silly wardrobes that most can’t possibly afford, let alone wear, these Fashion Weeks are like magnets for the best looking ladies among us. All of whom feel obliged to get decked out in showy fashions of their own. So I give it a pass. Were I king of the world, I mean, when I am king of the world, I’ll still allow these shows to take place, I will just insist that my throne be placed backstage in the dressing room. It’s call compromise, people. Enjoy.

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Rose McGowan Topless Beauty for Artistic Fine Ogling

Rose McGowan Topless in Flatt Magazine November 2014
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Rose McGowan can’t seem to keep her clothes on these days. Oh, I’m not complaining. This is a good thing. A very good thing.

Her very latest topless incarnation is in this month’s Flatt Magazine. Granted, the photography is intended to be purposeful, classy, artsy, and a whole bunch of other positive sounding words that I quickly forget as a I gaze upon the forty and faptastic fine female form of Rose McGowan topless once again. She really is a stunner. I do believe she’s getting more attractive with age. The sign of a true veteran hottie.

If only other American actresses had the courage and sensibilities to bare their sweat-worked lovely forms all bare and lady like as well. Rose McGowan is a leader in her field. The very best field of all. Well done, Rose. Enjoy.

Rose McGowan Full Frontal Naked Veteran Hotness in Flaunt Magazine

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If you got it, flaunt it. Rose McGowan has got it. This Forty and Faptastic club member gets an occasional jeer for some unfortunate 90210 modifications in the past, but I’ll state unequivocally that Rose McGowan is one beautiful looking lady. Granted, I don’t know what unequivocally means. And, yes, I may be slightly prejudiced since Rose has one super stellar female form completely revealed, head to fun parts, in this Flaunt Magazine pictorial.

How many Tinsel Town actresses do you know who will bare their lady nest full and frontal with blessedly uncovered teats in such a classic manner? The list is truly very short. The opposite of my feelings for Rose. Whatever you’re doing, my lovely, keep on doing it. You are a blessing to gentleman oglers and Sapphic leaning women everywhere. Bravo. And, yes, do call me. Enjoy.

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Rose McGowan Got a New Haircut and, More Importantly, a Low Cut Dress

I’m not one to comment on hairstyles. The  girls at Supercuts know me as El Big Tipper. But I do know wardrobe on a lady, so I will say I am particularly pleased with Rose McGowan and her veteran hot body choice of super low cut dress for an evening out at the Chateau Marmont.

Rose McGowan most definitely falls into my Forty and Fappable list of Hollywood mature lady wicked sextastic bodies and much of her chesty goodness was on display thanks to that little black dress in question. I couldn’t think of a finer way to wardrobe the brunette actress if I was doing it myself. And, hopefully, someday, I will get that chance. I could adjust those mams like nobody’s business. I always warm my hands prior to an adjustment so there’s less of a shock and more of a happy tingle. On my part at least. Two thumbs up to your racktastic, Rose. Keep up the good work. Enjoy.

Rose McGowan Braless and See-Through Boobtastic Exhibition Is What’s For Dinner

I don’t know if Rose McGowan and Sharon Stone called each other and said, hey, let’s show off our boobies at Craig’s restaurant, but Rose followed suit with Sharon, perhaps even more so, and went braless in a black sheer form fitting top that show off pretty much the entirety of her hot body perfect ta-ta’s.

Rose McGowan has not been shy of late in the skintastic female showoff department. She works her body hard and brings it out to play as a woman of allure ought. What’s the point of building something great if you’re going to hide it in the garage and not share? That’s how I feel about my Civil War toothpick collection. I’m glad to see Rose feels the same way about her bare yum yums. Just look at her shine. Bravo, Rose McGowan. You are the almost topless wind beneath my wings. Enjoy.

Rose McGowan Wearing a Swimsuit in Miami

Rose McGowan Topless And Artistically Draped in Apartamento

Rose McGowan Topless in Apartamento Magazine Issue #12
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If I was a fan of hot-bodied Rose McGowan before this past week, consider me now a super fan, as the now 40-year old veteran hottie takes her clothes off yet again for a fun visual aid to well remember her name. While there are many a 40-something celebrity I’d love to see topless, I can’t imagine many surpassing the bodily beauty of Rose in both figure and demeanor.

Whether it be dancing nekkid in her abode, booty hugging stretch pants out in public, or now topless blessed photos in Apartamento magazine, consider Rose McGowan to be winning this week on Egotastic! and in our lower hears. She is heaven sent. Enjoy.