Rose McGowan Nippy Tight Dress In West Hollywood

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michael-garcia - June 8, 2016

Rose McGowan wore a tight revealing dress in West Hollywood and forgot to wear a bra. I guess it must have been cold in LA yesterday because she was nipping something fierce. I've had a thing for Rose McGowan since way back in the 90's when she was the goth chick indie movie poster girl. I would have given anything to touch those milky white boobs. They are just so round and voluptuous. Who could help themselves around knockers like that. I must say that these pics of her nipping through her dress really get my motor going. Perhaps it's seeing people my own age still being sexy after all these years. Or maybe it's just because Rose is super hot.

Either way I encourage her to burn all her bras. 

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI