Raffaella Modugno

Raffaella Modugno White One PIece Thong To The Beach In Miami

This Italian lovely is quickly becoming one of my daily anticipations to ogle on the beach. Will she come out? Won’t she come out today? And how much of her stellar hiney can I peek? Well, even in a one piece suit you can bet Raffaella Modugno is going to be flashing that magical booty of hers. I think it might actually be a state law at this point that she does. I’m not typically down with overreaching public ordinances, but this one ought stand.

Girls from The Boot have repeatedly shown a penchant for super fine thumpers and they are owning several portions of Miami Beach, declaring be cheek strong or go home. This informal gathering of the hotties in bikinis and thongs is really one of the most memorable sextastic lady watching seasons in just about forever. Feel blessed to live in such interesting visual times. Enjoy.

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Raffaella Modugno Wears A Fiery Red Thong Swimsuit In Miami

Oh, dat asstastic. How you move me in such spectacular ways. Italian brunette hottie Raffaella Modugno took to the new trend of one piece thong swimsuits in fiery red to capture the attention of the South Florida beach goers today. If I’m the representative sample of her audience, I’d say it worked quite well as I’ve not been able to remove my retinal cones from their laser gaze on her tanned booty for the past twenty minutes or so. A girl with a tan is such a luxury these days. A girl with a tanned thumper, well, manna from heaven.

The girls of The Boot naturally represent with the superb bottoms. It’s just a given. But Raffaella has been showing off the body all over faptastic the past couple of weeks. She’s not contending for a sub-category win. She wants the big arse trophy for the whole she-bang. I’d say she’s definitely a contender. Naturally, I’d have to ask her in person about her aspirational goals and why I should remember her come voting time. Enjoy.

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Raffaella Modugno Topless Bikini Coffee Drinking On Her Balcony

Raffaella Modugno Drinks Coffee Topless On Her Balcony In Miami
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Hey, I know that balcony. It’s the one in Miami where all the girls hang out on thinking cameras can’t possibly catch them being half nekkid from all of five hundred feet away. I love that balcony. As I do lust Italian model Raffaella Modugno who seems to be everywhere these days, and typically not wearing many clothes.

I happen to root hard for a woman with an outrageously hot body who prefers to take her morning coffee topless in the fresh air. What’s not to root for? Breakfast really is the most important ogling meal of the day. And leer we shall, at the stellar funbags on this beautiy from The Boot. All hail, Miami. It’s like the modern day bazaar of the sextastic. Every corner holds something magical. Every balcony, well, even more magic. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Denise Richard Wicked Hot, Penelope Cruz Wicked Topless, Raffaella Modugno Wicked Nekkid, And Much Much More…


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And, we are back. We took a little reader mailbag break over the holidays due to the timing of the festivities, not to mention my new Guinness Book of World Records, um, record for spiked eggnog consumption. I wouldn’t recommend the challenge for the feint of heart or those who share lavatory facilities with other unfortunate souls in their abode. At some point, it becomes an entirely private matter. Nevertheless, the velveteen mail bag remained closed until this moment each week when we unveil several of our faithful viewers most poignant prurient contributions. A litte big of skin filled tricks we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Danielle Panabaker hot bosom (thank you to EgoReader ‘Kid’), model Alana Marie flashing her teats for Treats (kudos to ‘Eric C.’), Anais Pouliot and her French model friends topless (provided lovingly by ‘Devon’), Denise Richards in her iconic Andrew MacPherson tank top shoot (ever so so hot via ‘Denis’), Diane Franklin topless in the vastly underrated Last American Virgin (80′s throwback via ‘Ellen’), Russian born hottie blonde topless babe Elis Len (thank you kindly to ‘David M.), the gorgeous Emma Glover giving a New Year’s ta-ta’ salute (oh, me so happy thanks to ‘Evan’), Gina Carano outrageously sweaty hot for GQ (lust lust lust made possible by ‘Adrian’), Jessica Alba in her busty Campari calendar poses (Alba anytime delivered by ‘David D.’), sextasitc model Joyce Verheyen topless and luscious (much ado about funbags from ‘Carlos’), Julie Delpy topless in her French American skinema (lovely melons dropped off by ‘Aaron F.’), the hot bodied Lake Bell topless in her most classic scene (tons o’ ta-ta’s submitted by ‘Jerry’), Leighton Meester lovely as always (ingenue allure via ‘Cameron’), Maggie Gyllenhaal topless in her cinematic tubular turn (floppy happies from the mind of ‘Stephen D.’), Patricia Arquette topless and flaunting (sweaty puppy previews by ‘Stan’), Penelope Cruz and her epic pair exposed (muy caliente, gracias para ‘Todd R.’), Italian Miami bikini hottie Raffaella Modugno posing nekkid (dual kudos out to ‘Marsheat’ and ‘Anzio’), Susan Sarandon topless celluloid throwback (Susie Q’s tossed into the mix by ‘Letty’), Tiah Eckhardt topless Nordic naturals in S Magazine (this is a heavenly visual treat from ‘Erika’), and Abbie Cornish topless on the silver screen (lovely bath lovelies donated by ‘Holt’). It’s a New Year’s Reader Find mouthful, with two feet and a tether ball rope required. Take it in, scratch, sniff, enjoy.

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Raffaella Modugno Bikini Thong Perfection in Miami

My new lust crush, the Italian model Raffaella Modugno, continued her most excellent preening along Miami Beach, in an even tinier bikini than last time. My feelings for Raffaella grow inversely proportional to the coverage area of her thongs, so they are currently shooting through the roof.

This is most definitely going to be the best bikini competition in Miami in, well, forever. The amount of talent from all over the world bringing their boobtastic to the South of Florida for the winter is almost incalculable. But make no mistake, we will cover it all. This is our sworn duty. And hopefully your workday delight. Enjoy.

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Raffaella Modugno Drops the Sextastic Bomb in My Favorite Swimsuit Ever

This may just be my favorite swimsuit of 2015. Granted, it’s early, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for the ladies who don’t somewhat bodily resemble Italian model and pageant winner Raffaella Modugno who graciously traveled to Miami for New Year’s vacation. Who said the one piece isn’t just as sextastic as the bikini? Not I, said Bill as he stared catatonically at the super fine funbags of Raffaella than panted even harder when she turned to reveal her sweet thumper exposed to the four winds and seven seasons and my two eyeballs. Wow.

I love being able to start off the New Year with a new friend from The Boot. I think we will be very close, Signorina Modugno. If only my prayers could be answered thusly. Welcome to Egotastic, Raffaella, please linger awhile. We have fresh buns. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Theodora Richards Topless, Selena Gomez Lesbionic Kissing, Rosie Jones Nekkid, and Much Much More…

Selena Gomez Appears to Be Kissing Another Girl
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Yep, it’s that time again, seems like it happens almost every seven days or so that we come to Friday, the day we all come together as one big Egotastic! family around the campfire of the sextastic and roast some nekkid hottie marshmallows. We simply could not do this each week without all of you, so, for that, we are ever thankful.

This week’s Reader Finds includes what appears to be Selena Gomez kissing another girl (oh, holy days), Rolling Stone’s daughter Theodora Richards flashing serious skin, Bar Refaeli looking ever hot pictorially speaking, Rosie Jones from her classic bare-nekkid spread, Danica Thrall once more thrilling ‘em all with her tubes, what may or may not be a Kaley Cuoco see-through picture, sextastic wet hot Karolina Kurkova, Britty soap star Stephanie Davis bare-assed in public, Brazilian barely-legal thespianic hottie Laura Nieva, and Raffaella Modugno, former Miss Italy finalist turned sextastic showy model. It’s all so very skintastic this week.

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