Petra Benova

Petra Benova Bikinis On Miami Beach

Slovakian beauty and sexy person Petra Benova looked stunning in a small bikini on Miami Beach. Sweet mother of toned abs she’s in amazing shape. Petra is slender but very very VERY toned. Just look at the definition of her stomach or the cut of her hips above her private lady area. Breathtaking, y’all. She’s got a pretty exemplary pair of knockers that look perky and perfect in her bikini top. But the real breaking news is what her booty looks like. Mostly out in the revealing bikini bottom, her pants hams are spectacular. There is nary a dimple or jiggle on that perfectly smooth booty. Just sublime butt muscles and smooth skin.

I don’t know what they are doing in Slovakia to build such amazing women. Two of the hottest girls I personally know are Slovakian. Yes, that is anecdotal evidence, but we all must judge hottness through the lens of our own experience, right?

Petra Benova Bikini Pictures Play Hot Booty Ball on Miami Beach

Well, hello, Slovakian hot bikini bodied model Petra Benova, once again on the beach in Miami in a two-piece bikini of which I am quite jealous. Not that I want to wear the same bikini, more that I wish I were the bikini, snugly securing Petra’s fun and intimate parts as she plays ball in the sand.

I’d be there to support her entire athletic frame, through squats and spreads and bendovers and all the other positions Petra strikes as both a model and a beach body professional. I’d stretch and keep her from slipping, until she took me off next to her in the shower, and the fun really begins. Yes, I probably do need a little help. Enjoy.

Petra Benova Bikini Pictures Continue Her Miami Wet Booty Call

I’ll say this for Petra Benova. She knows how to strike a candid pose. Like her recurring trips down to the waterline in Miami to flash her award winning bottomside in tiny bikini bottoms. I suppose they aren’t really formal awards so much as the awards I give these girls in my mind. I’m wearing a tuxedo and everything. Well, the jacket.

Petra Benova is just one of the ever growing international models who have made Miami their second home. Which is why I am planning a big Egotastic! confab in South Florida at some point before 2013 is out. And, by big confab, I mean, me in a hotel room trying to get English-as-a-second-language world class models to come up to my room for ‘business meetings’. I’ll let you know how that goes. Enjoy.

Petra Benova Bikini Bends Over for Your Stroll into the Weekend

Well, it’s here. The holiday weekend. We’ve tapped the keg at the Egotastic! offices, with the basin bucket around it naturally so as not to lose even a precious single drop of the Old Milwaukee goodness. And there’s no better way I can think of to inspire your greatness this warm almost-summer weekend than with a rear-end view of the hottie model Petra Benova from down Miami way.

A perfectly shaped female dumper can truly be the muse of a gentleman ogler’s existence. It certainly reminds me that I need to start brining the pork butt for the company BBQ on Monday. I know, that’s wrong, but it’s also true.

This weekend, go find your own perfect buns of inspiration. Then, go forth and conquer. Or just leer. That is its own form of low intensity conquering. Enjoy.

Petra Benova Yoga Stretching in Miami

Petra Benova Bikini Pictures for More Hot Slovakian Friendship Bottomside Goodness

Petra Benova has one of the best keesters in the business. And that’s saying a lot for a model who hangs out in Miami, which is teeming with super hot bodies these days. But Petra still manages to stand out with an asstastic that seems like it was forged in the Awesome Factory and then polished in The House of Yum. And this time, she’s even brought along a friend with an equally nice bum. What a giving woman.

While there are many tight bottoms to choose from in your stroll along the Miami Beach promenade, if you’re not goosing Petra’s cheeks, your wandering perv hands are completely missing out on an forever memorable tactile experience. Enjoy.

Petra Benova Bikini Pictures Reveal the Real Slovakian Asstastic

Just a month ago we first fell in lust with the bottomside of Euro-model Petra Benova on the beaches of Miami. I do not expect today’s cheeky offering to lessen those feelings of booty-wanderlust.

The Slovakian hottie pranced and strutted her petite finery body about the beach in a bikini that fit her just perfectly. Well, not as perfect as if it had fallen off, but as nearly fine a a woman can look while still wearing clothes for the sake of public modesty. While we will never forsake the South Florida killer tush of Claudia Romani, Petra certainly gives her a run for her money. A test of butt bongo might have to be the ultimate decider. Enjoy.