Joey Lay the Tarp Down King!

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Echo Lawrence - July 23, 2020

I love Joey King and I normally wouldn’t make this tarp joke about an actress I’m actually into, but I had to. You know when you see those IG models on trips to Dubai, knowing they can’t afford to stay in the penthouse they’re staying in and then you see the tarp on the ground in the background of their group shot and you know exactly what that girl is doing to secure the hotel room, yacht and flight….

But Joey isn’t up to that business! She’s posing in front of a tarp for this promotional photoshoot for The Kissing Booth 2. What I didn’t know was that the dude in the movie with her is actually her ex, he’s the guy who’s now dating Zendaya. It will be interesting to see the chemistry between these ex’s in the new movie, if I end up watching it!

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