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Penelope Cruz, Paz Vega, Spanish Topless Hotties In El Especial Mr. Skin Playlist (VIDEO)


UPDATED: For all of you who complained because I was drinking too much in my pre-World Series ritual and effed up the links, here’s the real links:

Check out the Penelope Cruz and Spanish Topless Hotties Video Playlist and 3-Days Free Trial membership in Mr. Skin.

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If you’ve known me for a week, let alone since the dawn of time, you know I love two things: my family and hot Iberian women. Even between those, there is one I can live without. Sorry, mom. But let’s be realistic. Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega and their sextastic peers, that beats your Thanksgiving turkey.

Our friends at Mr. Skin are celebrating lovely Latin ladies and their fondness for Egotastic! Readers by offering you this must watch Spanish hotties video playlist along with a 3-Day Free Trial Membership to Mr. Skin. I dig the good folks at Mr. Skin. They have a deep understanding of all the things we love. They’ve got celebrity flesh up the wazoo.

Check out the Latinas. Check out Mr. Skin. Find yourself 19% more happy than you were before. That’s an approximation, it could go as high as shit-eating grin status. Enjoy.

Paz Vega Just Keeps Getting Hotter

I’m not sure if Paz Vega is still making movies or just committed herself to full time looking smoking hot for magazine pictorials, but the latter seems to be a guarantee these days by the sultry Spanish sextastica.

Featured in the new edition of Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, Paz goes simply swimsuit sextastic for some very innocent, but highly passion inducing photos in both color and black and white. I dare say, she’s looking classy. Though that belies the rather unclassy thoughts currently rifling through my grey matter that pertain to Paz. I know it means ‘peace’, but checking her out almost always produces the opposite effect. Enjoy.

Paz Vega, Stacy Keibler, Alessandra Ambrosio Highlight the Hotties at the Cannes amfAR Gala

You know I love me a good celebrity gala. I mean, theoretically speaking. I never really get invited so much, so I’m a bit more like Cinderella watching the highfalutin proceedings from afar, wishing my fairy godmother would arrive with a carriage. I mean, I’m that, but more manly, obviously. Still, how I do wish I could attend one of these high end amfAR shindigs around the globe that bring out all the model hotties in their finest and often most revealing gowns. And bling too, if you’re into that, though my preference lies in what dangles beneath the dangling diamonds.

The amfAR gala in Cannes last night brought out some serious good looking women in the form of Paz Vega, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Stacy Keibler, and more. It’s an event at which I really think I could’ve cleaned up. As in, cleaning up the actual event with a broom was probably my only chance to attend. Still, there’s nothing like a dream to keep the redheaded stepchild smiling well into the night. Enjoy.

Paz Vega Super Richly Hot in Cannes Yacht Photoshoot

One of the other silver linings of the woefully high brow Cannes Film Festival is that with all the euro-models and actresses in town for the big event, tons of hottie photoshoots take place. Usually pretty fashiony, but sometimes also pretty damn sweet.

Like Paz Vega shooting an upscale, but definitely most righteous photo set on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht. I wish I had a yacht so super sextastic thespianics like Paz Vega would come model on my forecastle. And, by forecastle, I mean a part of the ship just ahead of the bridge, not a euphemism for my happy guy. Though I would like her to model on there too, depending upon her rate card.

Another note of sweet heat unexpected popping up in Cannes is the Asian actress Meng Li, who I most definitely noticed on the red carpet for  the film Tian Zhu Ding, which you may never see, but please do remember Meng Li. I’m not sure I could forget her myself. Enjoy.

Paz Vega Sexy Photoshoot in Elle Magazine (2009)

Lily Cole Upskirt, Paz Vega Sideboob, and Madalina Ghenea Hotness Lead List of Ogle Worthy Moments Over Weekend in Cannes

Cannes was bustling this weekend with expensive jewelry and expensive cars and very expensive women. None of which I can afford right now, but, thankfully, I’m only really interested in one of those anyhow.

And while dozens and dozens of my fair celebrity ladies strutted their stuff in their elegant fashions, there were three hotties du Cannes that really struck a noteworthy chord with me. First, British actress and model Lily Cole, she’s kind of oddly weird and uncomfortable, but also alluring and, in this case, flashing her panties getting out of her limo, which equals bonus points for sure. Paz Vega was flashing some cleavage through her cut-top dress, which when added to her existing hotness, just made her that much more smoking. And Madalina Ghenea, the sweetly hot model once tagged to be Leonard DiCaprio’s new beard, well she’s recovered in super fine form and just looked all kinds of wicked alluring on the red carpet.

In summary, unless you’ve got a yacht, Cannes can be a tough field to play. But the ogles are always free here on Egotastic! Enjoy.

Paz Vega Bikini Pictures Are Red and White and Hot All Over

Lust me some Paz Vega, any place, any time, any body part. The sexy Spanish actress seems to be re-hitting her stride, while on yet another bikini vacation off the Iberian peninsula, flashing her au natural sextastic top and bottom (and, oh, that delicious bikini bottom cling to that fantastic butt) off the side of a cool yacht, but of course. Just an outstanding way to spend a summer day, leering, ogling, and praying for a Paz Vega wardrobe malfunction. Enjoy.