Paz Vega Thongtastic Black Bikini In Spain

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michael-garcia - July 8, 2016

Spanish actress and muy caliente chica Paz Vega went on a thongtastic black bikini adventure in España. Paz is very slender but she's got a massive rack for a thin girl. My grandfather would have called her top heavy. She's got some pretty sexy cleavage that is spicy like chorizo. But it is in the booty area that these pictures truly excel. The bikini has a thong, (like most bikinis in Europe), and you can see most of her nalgas. That means cheeks in Español, in case you don't remember high school Spanish. I'm usually not one for a girl with short hair but Paz definitely does it for me. Maybe I'm softening in my rigid definition of hotness in my old age. I've become an equal opportunity ogler. 

The thing about going to the beach in Spain is that for every Paz there is like 30 girls that you don't want to see in a thong. But it's worth it for the occasional hot chica. 


Photo Credit: Splash