Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio Upskirt Kicks Off Maybe Something Worthwhile About X-Factor

There seems to be a rather high turnover rate at X-Factor among judges and hosts. I’m not sure if they’re having trouble finding people to pretend to like crappy music on camera or if everybody on set is just tired of hearing Simon talk about all of his buddies’ wives he’s sleeping with, but it seems like an entirely new cast from season to season. But, with change comes opportunity, like the entry of Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio as one of the new judges on the show. Paulina made a grand entrance to her first day of work with an upskirt climbing out of her car.

Now, there’s almost no chance I will be joining the viewing audience for this show full of screaming and crying and costumes, but I will say as a disinterested third party highly interested in sextastic ladies, if Paulina keeps flashing up under her dress, this could be a thing (worth watching the highlight at least on here). Enjoy.

Demi Lovato Steals the Show With Boobtastico Fantastico at Latin Grammy Awards

Ay, mami! Demi Lovato led a cast of super hottie Latinas at last night’s Grammy Awards that included Zoe Saldana, Sofia Vergara, Shakira, Paulina Rubio, and Adrienne Bailon, in a veritable panoply of sultry perfection.

But, for the moment, let us just focus on the return to hotness of Demi Lovato, a troubled beginning to her 2011 year, the semi-Mexi girl has made a sharp turn at the fork in the road back to Hottieville in the past few months, perhaps topped off by this top-revealing appearance at the Latin Grammy Awards. All I know is, the next time Demi Lovato calls me to ask me what she should wear out on our date to the Sizzler, I’m subtly mentioning the little number she wore to the Grammys. Muy sexual. Enjoy.

Shakira and Paulina Rubio Front the Hotness Parade at Latin Recording Academy Award Show

Someday, somewhere, somehow, I’m going to be nominated for Person of the Year for something. I can feel my destiny. But, once again last night, I was denied even a simple nomination for the Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year Awards gala. Still, I hold no grudges, being that I’m neither Latin, a Record Artist, or much of a good citizen. Plus, the event itself brought together a robust list of Latina hotties which included the world’s hottest midget and recently Hollywood starred, Shakira, vastly underrated hottie Paulina Rubio, the sultry boobtastic Paula Fernandez, and Univision sexy mama, Satcha Pretto. Los mas bonitas. Disfruta.

Paulina Rubio Bikini Pictures

I never cared for Paulina Rubio’s music, but I must say I do care for these Paulina Rubio bikini pictures, taken in Ibiza. I’m also glad that pictures are a silent medium, so that I don’t have to hear Paulina Rubio, just in case she might be singing while hanging out in her bikini. Hey, you never know. Those celebrities are crazy.

Photo credit: INF Photo / Flynet