Paige Wyatt

READER FINDS: Emily Blunt Topless, Taylor Momsen Lip Slips, Jennifer Love Hewitt See-Through, and Much Much More…

Paige Wyatt Bikini Top and Daisy Dukes
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Happy be the man (or Sapphic leaning woman) who makes it intact to Friday, the day we relish in socialist type fervor here at Egotastic!, for we get to open up the vaults of all our reader contributions. And the vaults do overfloweth. We can’t possibly share them all, but we do go through them all, because it takes a pound of work and an ounce of love to produce each week’s Reader Finds (that recipe might be reversed).

This week’s Reader Finds include American Guns young hottie Paige Wyattin a bikini (thank you to EgoReader ‘Starr’), Britty model Precious Muir topless (thanks once again to Kanontv), Jennifer Love Hewitt in a see-through dress top (blessings from and to ‘Sam’), sextastic model Jessica Green hot self-pics (much kudos to ‘Gregory’), Emily Blunt topless onscreen (wowzer from ‘Walker’), America Olivo topless boobtastic in Friday the 13th (skin provided by ‘Damon’), old school hottie Charlotte Rampling topless in the movies (dropped at our door by ‘Owen C.’), evergreen sextastic Diane Lane topless in Unfaithful (OMFG provided by ‘Stephen G.’), the inimitable Rosie Jones flashing for Page 3 (big and you’re welcome to ‘Devon’), Mimi Rogers quite bouncy topless in the 90′s (unexpected from ‘Roacher’), Rihanna in what might be a concert nip slip (submitted thankfully by ‘Raylan’), Taylor Momsen concert lip slips (a gift of ‘Tony’), Adrianne Curry topless pic for her 400K twitter following (sent to us by a ton of you, thank you all kindly), and a different look at Candice Swanepoel nekkid for Muse magazine shoot (presented by ‘Peter C.’). That’s quite a bit of veteran celebrity skin right there. Take your time, don’t miss a thing. Enjoy.

I Like Barely Legal Girls, I Like Guns, I like Barely Legal Girls With Guns, I Like Paige Wyatt

That was some complicated mathematics right there. Or maybe that’s physics. But, fact is, somebody I know’s got a hankering for Paige Wyatt, the daughter from American Guns on Discovery Channel and I’m looking right at him in the mirror.

Sure, it’s all kinds of wrong to lust after eighteen year old girls simply because they’ve got long blonde locks, naturally teasy good looks, and carry a big shooting stick, but sometimes wrong just feels so right. Actually, most of the time. So join with me if you will for a quick leer at some of Paige’s own contributions to her visual library courtesy of her Facebook photos.