Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Bikini Beach Vacation Continues

Olivia Palermo beach vacation is beginning to reach epic lengths. I try to limit my Caribbean resort vacations to just a week or two, depending on how many suitcases of cash I have with me at the time. But Olivia is onto her third week in St. Bart’s with no signs of slowing down. I’ll try not be too jealous despite the fact that my last vacation consisted of breaking down along the Interstate and spending my night in the car. Out in the car there in the desert, I did get to experience the greatest display of natural wonderment — porn on the iPad.

Just so long as Olivia keeps the bikini shows coming, I shall not complain. She’s a bit on the slender side, but we try to showcase all the splendor in the sextastic celebrity world, without prejudice for big or small. Funbags that is. Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikinis in St. Bart’s, The Model of Waifish Wonderment

Olivia Palermo flocks to St. Bart’s each December holiday season, like swallows returning to Capistrano, only much hotter, depending upon your prurient tastes. She seems to bring the same boyfriend dude with her every year, though they never seem to get married. No bother, we cut him out of the photos anyhow, because some random guy could only ruin visuals of this slender, waifish bikini hottie socialite and designer and New Yorker. Being a New Yorker is a job in and of itself when you have means. I think it involves lunches and workouts and attending events and such. Similar to my life really, only in much nicer conditions.

Olivia Palermo continues to be one of my secret light-girl crushes. Sporty, sleek, toned and somebody who I feel I could actually lift off the ground, after a somewhat embarrassing situation with my last ‘big boned’ ladyfriend. Keep the bikini shots coming, Olivia. Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures Drop the Orange Heat in Barbados

Okay, granted, we’ve discussed how badly Olivia Palermo needs to eat a sandwich, even as she prances about playfully on the beach of Barbados in between making of the sexy time with her fiance (and, let’s face it, guys, Ego research shows that the engagement period of any relationship is the most sexually active, and, quite directly proceeding the next five years of the least sexually active). Still, we have this thing for Olivia and her fun-time bikini beach and water play.

And, yes, when we do ultimately meet Olivia, we’ll bring her a sandwich. And, or, play a sandwich type discovery game. Skinny or not, we find her pretty damn hot. Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures Bring the Skinny Hot to the Beaches of St. Barts

We do like reality show and society fashion girl Olivia Palermo; yes, she needs to eat a few sandwiches because she is wicked skinny. But, there’s something about Olivia and her sextastic struts in and out of the office that floats our proverbial ogling boats.

Maybe it’s just how happy she looks, and that could be because the dude she is knocking boots senseless with is right off-camera, or maybe she just loves the water, or knowing she’s a million miles away from ever looking fat. Don’t know. But Olivia always has a smile for us. We like to think that she likes us staring, though it’s probably the much-sex thing. Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo White Bikini Top on the Beach in St. Barts

Olivia Palermo Continues the Summer of Legs With Big Apple Short Skirt

We’re heavily into legs here since the solstice, those preferably long, dangling appendages originating at the ground and climbing toward the very favorite parts of our most sextastic celebrities. And everybody seems to be in on the leg game this summer.

Socialite fashion type reality show uptown girl Olivia Palermo is the latest to throw her gams into the game, strutting the streets of New York in skirt short enough to put her stems in serious ‘best of’ contention while simultaneously making us wish we hadn’t forgot our drool buckets in the basement this morning. We’re a sucker for smooth, supple, tan legs. Who isn’t? Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures Remind Us That We Need to Get A Yacht!

Really, the only thing holding us back from securing our sea-worthy babe magnate is something called our credit rating, which is even lower than our S.A.T. scores, both of which are hovering around the weight of Chaz Bono. Not a good sign for us, or Chaz for that matter.

But soon we shall have that floating vessel of love capable of luring the finest celebrities in the world onto our three hour tours at seas, hot bodies like Olivia Palermo who donned the bikini for a ride on designer Valentino’s yacht in the South of France. And we like chicks, so we think that should help us in our recruiting efforts, albeit some girls are put off by a half-dozen dudes in Dr. Zog’s t-shirts drooling at the site of their hot flesh.

And we would drool a’plenty at the site of Olivia Palermo, underrated socialite hottie. Enjoy.