Olivia Palermo

Taylor Momsen (Yes, Taylor Momsen) Leads List of Dolled-Up Hotties at Marchesa Fashion Week Event

Well look who put on clothes for fashion week. Kind of a double edged sword here. As much as we love seeing barely legal Taylor Momsen wearing less and less these days, it was quite the ‘prom’ moment when she showed up to the Marchesa swank party at New York Fashion Week looking like a million or so dollars, like her mom put clothes out for her. We can dig it for one evening at least, because dressed up or undressed, she is one rebellious teenager we love to leer.

And the party barely stopped there. Joining Taylor on the party’s red carpet were supreme hotties Bar Refaeli, Petra Nemcova, Jenna Dewan, Olivia Palermo, and Stacy Keibler. A full boatload of A-grade hotness, all pimped and primped and trying to outdo each other for this extreme style event. I easily could’ve polished my Crocs to attend this event (and, no, that’s not a euphemism). Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures Continue Her St. Barth’s Body Show Off

If you hadn’t been thinking much about Olivia Palermo before this past week, let alone even remember who the fashion plate and reality starlet was, well, the game has changed quite a bit. Olivia has spent the past week in the French West Indies preening, prancing, and posing in her various little bikinis daily, building up her sextastic cred, not to be forgotten soon, I am sure.

There’s nothing better than when an underdog comes up to bite you right in the libido. Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures Are Red Hot and Tight All Over

Olivia Palermo is having herself quite the St. Barths bikini vacation. The fashion plate, model, and famous daddy’s girl reality starlet is proving the the combination of a hottie, a hot body, and a hot bikini can never ever fail to please the visual senses. 

Olivia chose a delicious red today to flash her highly toned body as she romped across the same beaches where we’ve recently seen hot mom Stephanie Seymour seduce her own babes. I guess you could say this is a much cleaner version of hot bikini fun time. Olivia Palermo style. And we love it. Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo, Sophia Bush and Emma Roberts Could Only Look Hotter Without Fashion at Fashion Week

Now here’s three hotties I could really get behind (and, by get behind, I mean, well, you know exactly what I mean).

Olivia Palermo, Sophia Bush, and Emma Roberts made high style somewhat palatable this past evening at some haute couture event for something or other, who can remember the details when you’re busy ogling this trio of sextastic twenty-somethings. The three girls looked their absolute pimpitudinal best out in New York, dining on delicious appetizers they surely did not eat, and hobnobbing among people with funny first names.

Fashion finally has a place on Egotastic!, though, natch, we’d like to see it removed as quickly as possible. Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures for the Skimpiest Beach Holiday Top Title

Olivia Palermo we know as friend to other tall lean reality star, Whitney Port, both girls who go to lots of fancy fashion shows in New York, nurse Cosmopolitans at the finer night club establishments and convince millions of women what purses and shoes to buy. There’s an art to all of this apparently. I mean, I once told my power hiking buddy Jethro Jenkins that he should wear matching socks and he punched me in the nose.

Most notably what caught my eye with these Olivia Palermo bikini pictures from her vacation to St. Barts (and, let’s be honest, when a socialite takes a vacation, one does have to ask, ‘a vacation from what?”) is her super skimpy bathing suit and the long lean body. Well, being further honest, if I had all the money and time in the world, I might be tempted to buy tons of flaming hot Cheetos and review my Power Rangers video collection for much of the winter months. These girls definitely hit the gym with their free time, and, of course, starve themselves into mannequin shape, which is like some weird combination of activities that the male of the species will never quite understand. Still, Olivia Palermo does pull off the itttiest bittiest bikini around the islands this winter, and that is a something. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News