Nina Agdal

Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal, Rita Ora, Arianny Celeste All Teasing Ta-Ta’s in the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

The level of self-published sextastic celebrity skin is rising exponentially. I’m not really even sure what that means as I pretty much fell asleep in school after first grade, but it sounds like something big. Which it is. The boobtastic is baring at epic rates with the hottest girls in town competing with each other to be the most showy. Who could have ever imagined such a wonderful turn of social events just ten years ago? I mean, I did, but I was certain it was just wild fantasy. The hot girls are coming to us!

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Chrissy Teigen teasing in just a towel, Rita Ora teasing in much less, Emily Ratajkowski flashing deep cleavage, Arianny Celeste racktastic faptastic, Nina Agdal holding her own sunburned twins, and much much more. You owe it to the Gods of Asgard and the nerds who can name them all to check out each and every one of these super fine social media shares. You will walk away a better man. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Nina Agdal Topless Part Deux, And Deux is Amazing!


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When you think about a slow leak, nothing good comes to mind. Until now. Thanks to EgoReader JJ for supplementing our brief but rather pleasant look at Nina Agdal topless from this athletically awesome look at the Danish Delight courtesy of photog Frederic Pinet. I’m kind of too stunned to actually speak, typing is difficult at the moment, and my spelling, well that has always been atrocious. The precise opposite of Nina Agdal who is outrageously hot and heavenly female form perfect. And now topless. Ten thousand candles later, my prayers have been answered.

You can pretend that Fate doesn’t exist, that Karma is just a silly myth, and that Cosmic Justice is an invention of comic books. As for me, I believe all things come to those who wait and beg and maybe cry a little bit when they don’t get what they want. It’s not exactly John Wayne, but John Wayne never got to see Nina Agdal topless. I have. Suck on that, Duke. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Frederic Pinet

Nina Agdal Topless Starred (Not By Me!) Body Beautiful Shots Appear

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Now you know, before our star machine broke down last month and is awaiting repairs by the Louisiana State Prison technology department who is the only outlet that knows how to fix it, we used to star our thumbnail photos of beautiful topless women. Then you clicked and the stars disappeared. Like removing tassels, only our version didn’t cost you what that might at the Horny Rooster Club off the highway. But this censored perma-starring on Danish Delight Nina Agdal, well, I’m pretty sure that red warning notice on DVDs before the movie runs means this is a capital offense and Interpol is coming after somebody.

On the glass is half full with hotties side of the equation, one small photo of this outstandingly hot lingerie and swimsuit model did make it through the worm hole un-starred. A unique look at the bare body of Nina Agdal who I like to think we discovered now several years ago. I’m quite certain she’s not nervous about people seeing her nekkid body. When you look perfect, you’re perfectly confident. It’s a working theory at least. As for Nina, oh, how we will be searching for the un-starred version of these photos, we do kind of owe it to the posterity and our craven bobos. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Frederic Pinet

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? (VIDEO)

The question I get asked most frequently is ‘Is there anything I should know about before we search you?’ The second is, ‘Hey, Bill, what are you watching online right now?’. Well, as you know, my work and my personal obsession over which I have no control remains sextastic celebrity females. I figured I’d answer the questions merely by showing  you the last three vids I watched, all of them definitely must-sees, unless you’re a doctor about to cure cancer or know how to beat Kentucky in basketball, you’ve got the time.

Sharing means caring. So care a little bit about Victoria Justice crazy hot and braless sideboob, Nina Agdal pimping two pieces of barely there goodness, and Sylvie Meis and her Dutch girlfriends pushing her Hunkemoller lingerie panties and bras and garters. Hey, you asked what I was watching. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Booty Boobtastic Heaven In Lingerie

Nina Agdal in lingerie? Yes please. Oh to live in a world where that option comes on the menu of the Denny’s I frequent when I have a hankering for fine dining. In this case, it’s our Danish Delight and discovered princess of hot bodily passion Nina in bra and panties for Leonisa lingerie. Never forget your roots. For Nina, this was just looking like one million and one half kroner in lingerie, exploding onto the world stage by sheer force of the raw sextastic, which many of the organic types prefer to the process sextastic which is available in most stores.

Nina Agdal and that tingle inducing pleasure palace she calls her perfect body were probably always destined for greatness. The cream rises to the top, both in the purveyor and the ogler of such fineries. I’m just ever so thankful that it happened so fast and so furious, so that we might visually come along for the ride. Just imagine the thousands of images of Nina we’ve reveled in these past few years. Like she knows it’s your birthday but forgot to send you an iTunes card so you’ll have to settle for a picture of her booty in panties. You are more than forgiven. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Leonisa

Red Hot Lingerie on Even Hotter Bodies, a Tribute to St. Valentine’s from St. Egotastic!

Well, it’s finally arrived. Valentine’s Day. It’s here tomorrow. And as much as I warned and begged and pleaded and got down on my hands and knees and told you not to buy your Valentine’s lingerie, I know some of you still did not heed my warning. Which is fine. My advice has proven to be mediocre at best through the years.

But for those of you who strictly follow the Egotastic! code of conduct, it’s time to be rewarded with a look at some of our favorite sextastic celebrities in red lingerie. A typically complex theme I came up with in my basement laboratory, a bit of visual wonderment to fit the season, and to remind us all, that little bits of silk and lace are often best left to the professionals. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Egotastic Archives

Nina Agdal Shows Off Amazing Booty In Bikinis

The always lovely and boobtastically boobtacular Nina Agdal was looking hot as F in this photoshoot for a bikini line. Nina tried on several different provocative bikinis all with one thing in common: they made her gargantuan sweater hams look amazing. Just look at all the sideboob. It’s like sideboob paradise. And oh, the cleavage. Nina has some of my favorite hooters of any model out there and I should know because it’s my job to look at women’s boobies all day. They are just the perfect amount of big. I bet they look fabulous bouncing up and down when she’s running on the beach. In slow motion, of course.

What can I say? I grew up on Baywatch. All I know is that Nina can sure wear a bikini well. A little too well.

Photo Credit: Luli Fama Swimwear