Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy Sextastic Curves In A Tiny Bikini

The lovely Nicole Murphy hit the beach in a tiny bikini that really showed off why Eddie Murphy married her back in the day. Namely, that she’s seriously hot. Not just hot for a woman in her forties, just hot period. Yes, she is the classic MILF but it is easy to see why. She’s in incredible shape. Just look at her stomach. There are a lot of 19 year olds that wish they had that stomach. And as far as her ta-tas go, gravity has yet to ruin the party. She’s also got a nice shapely butt and thigh combo which gets my pressure up. As the philosopher Sir-Mix-A-Lot once said, “My anaconda don’t want known unless she’s got buns, hun.”

Words to live by. How could Eddie have let this sexy lady slip through his fingers? I just don’t understand Eddie Murphy anymore. He used to be magnificent.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Nicole Murphy Bikini Faptastic and Forty Exhibitions in Miami

File Nicole Murphy under that veteran sextastic category who really just seems to be ageless. Our ladies well into their 40′s who are still more than holding their own in two piece swimsuits among the frolicking models two decades or more their junior. I love it. There’s nothing like a hot mature woman who knows the boys are still looking. Me in particular. All wide-eyed, tongues hanging out, begging to be mentored in the fine art of seduction. At least between NFL games.

Nicole Murphy is single once more I believe. I can’t spend more than two seconds a year reading about celebrity relationships, and then only when reading magazine headlines while buying beer at the store. That’s a solid man excuse. Nicole, you look amazing. Please consider me for mentoring. I’ll shower as often as you need me to. Enjoy.

Nicole Murphy Certainly Is a Flexible Bikini Mom

While Eddie Murphy may have moved on to one or more young hot model girlfriends, let’s not forsake his former model wife Nicole Murphy, who not only brooded (is that a word?) two model daughters, but is looking mighty fit in her own right filming the craptastic and silly VH-1 reality show, Hollywood Exes. I think she’s a new Hollywood current again, none of this half-baked TV makes sense to me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch a toned mom do yoga in a bikini on a paddle board in Hawaii. B

ased on her various degrees of flexibility, Nicole looks like she might be preparing to give her adult daughters a new baby sibling. But I digress, as I ogle, and imagine having a lady friend with such dexterity. Oh, that ways in which I would disappoint her I can’t even begin to imagine. Enjoy.

Claudia Jordan and Nicole Murphy Bikini Vacation Together in Miami

We’ve seen much of Claudia Jordan the past few days flaunting about Miami Beach in her bikini, and there’s much more to be had as she spent the weekend changing between various bikinis (below), showing off her veteran hot body.

And Claudia was joined on her beach exhibitions by Nicole Murphy, who herself has quite the sleek physique. The two bosom buddies prancing about in their two pieces looking like the world is their oyster. Which, presumably it is. Enjoy.

Nicole Murphy Paddleboarding in a Tiny Bikini in Hawaii

Nicole Murphy Bikini Body Flaunting in Hawaii

Veteran hottie and former Eddie Murphy wife (turned Michael Strahan fiancee), Nicole Murphy took her own shot at Hawaiian bikini vacation greatness this Holiday weekend with a 45-year old tour d’force performance in the 50th stage.

You know I’m inclined to love the slightly mature ladies to begin with, but you throw in that body, that bikini, and some veteran preening movies, and we have a major something something going on right here, people. Ogle worthiness right in front of your eyes. Enjoy.

Happy Memorial Day from all your friends at Egotastic!

Ashley Greene, Maria Menounous, and Olivia Munn Make Us Want to ‘Do Something’ Very Indecent at Red Carpet Event

Seriously, you can not have a big shindig called the ‘Do Something’ event and then parade out the likes of Ashley Greene, Maria Menounos, Olivia Munn, Lea Michele, Nicole Murphy, Sophia Bush, and Bella Thorne, and not expect us to be imagining that something we’d most definitely want ro do (Bella exception of course due to her age, despite her looking much older, we do have rules).

Now, I think they mean Do Something good for your neighborhood or planet or something like that, and we certainly do intend to do that, starting with making some awesome looking babies with Ashley and Maria, that will be our legacy to the planet. Other people can work on the ozone and such so our beautiful babies can breathe. Everybody must do their part. Enjoy.