Hilary Duff Does a Mom Stretch!

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Echo Lawrence - July 27, 2020

Hilary Duff knows what it’s like to lose the tightness in your pelvic floor, she’s had a couple kids and in order to get her back to where she’d like to be down there, she’s been doing some stretching. I’m sure she’s stretching for other reasons as well but I can see that deep inner thigh stretch is hitting her where it hurts. I’m assuming her husband Matthew Koma took these photos in their backyard for her campaign with the lingerie brand Aerie. Here is what she had to say about finding time to stretch:

Carving out time for yourself proves difficult once you become a mom. There is so much guilt wrapped around it that when you actually take the time to do it, it can be unenjoyable or not relaxing! I really struggle with the heavy pull you feel to go back to my kids and do everything for them. I have decided to make that part of my life a priority. I love my family and kids more than anything but I also love myself and need to honor my personal needs (outside of work)! They have gotten smaller and smaller and so they can definitely be met! Be kind to yourself. Stretch. Write. Read. Dance. Walk. Shop. Watch. Do you and do it everyday. Ask for help. Oh and be cozy when you do 😉 I love you!

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