Monika Pietrasinska

Monika Pietrasinska Topless In Leather And Lace For Glorious Revelations

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Go on. See your 50 Shades of Grey. I’m quite content in my black and white visuals of Monika Pietrasinska, the crazy hot bodied Polish brunette model I fell madly in lust with during 20012-2013 before she suddenly disappeared from our cheap, but serviceable sextastic radar systems here at Egotastic HQ. I don’t know what Monika has been up to the past couple of years, but if it’s all been leading up to this gloriously hot leather and lace topless pictorial for her home country’s Playboy magazine, then I’d have to say it was more than worthwhile.

Now, I’ve had a lot of women suddenly disappear on me in their lives. You know, change their names, identities, force their parents and families to move and expunge their public records of any kind. I seem to have that affect on women. But to have one come back after such an absence all topless and heavenly boobtastic, well, that’s a Valentine’s surprise I will surely accept. Just simply stunning. My polish beauty! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Poland

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Monika Pietrasinska Was Born to Model Lingerie

The proud peoples of Poland produce a good amount of hotness, though often underrated, never overlooked by our sweeping scanners, including Monika Pietrasinska, the wicked hot Polish brunette model rising every higher on the world’s chart of top ranked super lingerie models.

In her latest shoot, for Axami Lingerie, Monika shows exactly why she’s every man’s dream, and every woman’s nightmare, unless that same woman digs hot chicks in lingerie, in which case it’s her dream also, as well as your dream if she’s your girlfriend. That’s confusing. Sextastic models in sheer lingerie can have that effect. Enjoy.

Monika Pietrasinska Wicked Hot Lingerie to Burst Your Polish Sausage

Bad puns aside, Monika Pietrasinska is one super fine Polish supermodel. When we heard she was going to be putting together a pictorial for the Lupo lingerie line, our first thoughts were: when and how much will it cost us to purchase the entire lingerie collection, including Monika?

Well, the when part is now, unfortunately the price point turned out to be higher than the $78 left in our Super Savings Account at the Bank of Scotland in Ohio, so we’re left with just the ogling part, but, hey, this is one hell of an ogle.

Monika has the perfect body for boudoir sin, and were this a more perfect world, we would get the chance to act out the over three dozen elements of naughtiness currently running through our male-brains at the moment, including the one with the monkey and the swing and Monika in nothing but a pair of rubber boots. But, certainly, silky bras and panties and that wicked hot body will suffice for happy happy fun thoughts time today. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jessie J Nipple Slip, Taylor Momsen Upskirts, Cindy Crawford Topless, and Much Much More…

Taylor Momsen Short Shorts Concert
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We have arrived at my personal favorite time of the week. No, not Backwashed Fudgesicle Hour at Egotastic! That’s not for three more hours yet. But that time each week when we as a community spend our fifth weekday of toil, together in the fields of the sextastic, harvesting the finest that Hottieville has to offer as gleaned by our fabulous readers, the most educated celebrity site readers on the web I might add once more.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a screencapped Jessie J nip slip, a series of Taylor Momsen panties peeks up her concert dress, a classic look back at Cindy Crawford topless on the runway, a second look at the double sets of Silvia Irabien who we saw earlier this week in Playboy,  a second look at the now completely bare boobtastic of Monika Pietrasinska who we saw lingerie clad earlier this week, Nicki Minaj being all kinds of Minajesque, German phenom Sophia Thomalla baring her Bavarians, a higher def look at Zoe Saldana in the shower, a bonus leer at Carly Craig topless, and Diane Lane just looking mesmerizing. It’s all good, very good.


Monika Pietrasinska Lingerie Pictures Are a See-Through Experience For the Mind and Body

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We get tons of letters from the good and hot-girl producing nation of Poland and I feel like we simply don’t give back enough. It’s a bountiful nation of beautiful actresses and models that goes well beyond the Krupa sisters (mmm, Krupas) and includes the likes of brunette boobtastic beauty, Monika Pietrasinska, a rising star in the international lingerie and swimsuit modeling category, a category I like to refer as the very best thing in life. 

In her latest pimpstress campaign for Forex Sleepwear, Monika shows why blondes may have more fun, but brunettes keep the party rolling til the morning hours with their inherently mysterious looks, the kind you want to get to know behind closed doors (or open doors, if you be the exhibitionist type). Flashing her sweet sextastic form through some see-through lingerie, Monika Pietrasinska leaves little to the imagination, just enough to get you in trouble with your significant other. Enjoy.

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Monika Pietrasinska Lupo Lingerie Photoshoot