Ana De Armas Looking like a 50s Goddess as she films Deep Water

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Echo Lawrence - January 22, 2020

Ana De Armas is in New Orleans filming for the upcoming thriller Deep Water with Ben Affleck and Finn Wittrock. Apparently the film is about a married couple who have fallen out of love with each other and begin playing deadly mind games against one another that begins seeing those around them dying.

The actress just wrapped filming for the new James Bond No Time To Die film and I’m sure it was a major change from filming with someone like Daniel Craig to Ben Affleck, however it seems his ex wife Jennifer Garner has helped him get back on the wagon.

So here are some pics of Ana in a tight brown knit dress and a matching hat as she strolls through the French Quarter arm in arm with Finn Wittrock - who by the way was great as that murdering clown in American Horror Story. Let’s hope this movie is as thrilling as they make it sound.

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