Monika Pietrasinska Wicked Hot Lingerie to Burst Your Polish Sausage

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

Bad puns aside, Monika Pietrasinska is one super fine Polish supermodel. When we heard she was going to be putting together a pictorial for the Lupo lingerie line, our first thoughts were: when and how much will it cost us to purchase the entire lingerie collection, including Monika?

Well, the when part is now, unfortunately the price point turned out to be higher than the $78 left in our Super Savings Account at the Bank of Scotland in Ohio, so we're left with just the ogling part, but, hey, this is one hell of an ogle.

Monika has the perfect body for boudoir sin, and were this a more perfect world, we would get the chance to act out the over three dozen elements of naughtiness currently running through our male-brains at the moment, including the one with the monkey and the swing and Monika in nothing but a pair of rubber boots. But, certainly, silky bras and panties and that wicked hot body will suffice for happy happy fun thoughts time today. Enjoy.