Mischa Barton White Bikini In Santa Monica

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bill-swift - May 3, 2016

Because people ask me all the time, it's not that I don't notice flaws in women, it's just that I'm a fan, not a critic. I love women. In all their imperfections, though mostly perfections, naturally. I'm a fan, not blind. Mischa Barton isn't exactly as slender as she once was when we used to ogle her faded or drunk and showing off in tiny outfits. But damn, I wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating crackers, even if crackers was the name of my beloved Chihuahua. That's a joke. There's no such thing as an endearing Chihuahua.

Mischa was on the beach in Santa Monica flaunting in a white bikini for a photoshoot for some intended point of distribution. Mischa still looks amazing to me. I like a woman with a little girth. It makes it slightly less humiliating when the repeatedly pin me. Oh, I insist upon wrestling by the third date. I can cook my own meals and see my own movies. I'm a man in need of Greco-Roman female companionship. Mischa, bring your bikini, we can hot tub after we're sore from you kicking my ass. I like to plan things out. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash