Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin Pink Bikini Abs, And That Booty, Don’t Interrupt Me, This Is Work

Michelle Lewin isn’t just fit, she’s super fit. Like alien levels of taut tight muscular body fitness. Like the opposite of me, and opposites attract, which may be why I can’t take my leering eyes off of every single inch of her body. I’m not in search of a dominant mistress, my current one simply won’t allow it, but were I, I could do worse than bowing to the demands of this woman who seems like she could crack a walnut with about seventeen different muscles in her body, including one that would make for a wonderful late night feature.

I dare say don’t enter Miami Beach in a bikini these days if you’re not built and prepped for show. The competition is just that fierce. It’s like bringing your ’98 Corolla out to the Indy 500 track. Michelle Lewin is purely bred for speed. And endurance, and whatever else she wants to be because I’m not going to question, just ogle and eat my peas. Enjoy.

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Michelle Lewin Bikini Top Muscles on Muscle Beach (Oh, Those Damn Short Shorts Are Killing Me)

Michelle Lewin decided to defect from Miami for a while and bring her fitness training muscular bikini body for playtime on the West Coast at Venice Beach. To say she’s made an immediate and lasting impression on the locals at Muscle Beach is something of an understatement. Between her rip-roaring pythons, the bikini tops and the tights tiniest shorts around, Michelle Lewin isn’t exactly a visual wonderment you soon forget.

Now I will admit that strong women scare me. I don’t mean women with strong personalities, though they intimidate me too. I mean girls who can pick me up over their heads and spin me in a helicopter. I get air sick pretty easily. I’m kind of hoping Michelle just opts to give me the job of oil rubdown boy. I might get a few harsh comments, but at least I get to keep my feet on the ground and my hands on those lady muscles. I ironed my apron just in case. Enjoy.

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Michelle Lewin Bikini Top and Tight Tiny Shorts for Venice Beach Domination

Michelle Lewin is not for any man, or for every man. You need a certain kind of personality to delight in a woman of such strong and buxom muscle and fitness prowess. I am that man. I am so ready. Michelle, take me now. Just scoop me up in your strong chesty goodness on your skates and roll me away somewhere where you have your way with me and put your finger to your mouth when I even appear like I might scream.

Michelle Lewin was working the Venice Beach meme to the sextastic extremes in a bikini top and short cut offs over the weekend, pretty much coming into town and dominating the landscape. She moved her public displays of asstastic and working out madness to the West Coast just to spread a little lust to both sides of our fair nation. Quite generous. I doubt Michelle Lewin is timid of much. Hence, why I want her to whisk me away to a happy place. I’m always in the mood, just FYI, Michelle. Enjoy.

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Michelle Lewin Starts The New Year With A Bikini Workout In Miami

Fitness expert and professional hot person Michelle Lewin was keeping your New Year’s resolution to get in better shape with a bikini workout in Miami. Michelle did a series of exercises all of which could have been mistaken for sexual positions. She is in redonkulously good shape. Michelle has got a stomach that you could use as a rhythm section for a bluegrass band and her thighs could crack walnuts. But she’s not so muscular that her boobies have turned to pecs, oh no. She’s got a righteous pair of funbags that look amazing in this pink bikini. But it is perhaps in the booty region that we can most behold how much all of that working out has paid off. She’s got a shapely butt that is as tight as a drum. Seriously, you could use those bad boys to play a salsa beat.

What I’m saying is that it isn’t enough to be hot, you’ve got to work to keep all of that stuff tight. Many a formerly hot person has gone the way of cellulite.

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Merry Thong Bikini Thumper Christmas from Your Friends at Egotastic!

I truly hope you’re enjoying your holiday today. To think that even half of the sugar plum fairies dancing in your head last night turned into sextastic real angels in thong bikinis today, that is the Christmas dream. In honor of the holiday, we put together a little melange of beach booty from Miami this past year, thong exposed asstastics from some of the regular bottom side contributors in South Florida in 2014. Claudia Romani, Michelle Lewin, Coco Austin, and others. Consider it my frankincense for your libidos.

Merry Christmas from Egotastic!

Michelle Lewin Underboob and OverAss, I’m So in Love!

It’s not often I’m at a loss for words. In fact, ever since I became verbal at age six or so, I’ve been flapping my gums nonstop mostly about women, occasionally the international sport of skee-ball. But now, Michelle Lewin and her sextacular taut and tight and toned body out shopping in a half shirt and tight shorts. Wow, damn, silence.

If the pleasurable perusal of Michelle’s underboob doesn’t move you, then a peekaboo at her magically powerful thumper in those little shorts will likely do you in. Or maybe it’s a stroll along her worked out midriff that does it for you. Her outstandingly inspiring female form is like a map of extreme adventure. Did I mention damn already? I hate to curse, I can still feel the ringing in my ears from a cuff to the head by Sister Mary Alice, but Michelle Lewin makes me feel that much closer to he who endowed me with the spirit of mating. I need a chew towel. This is getting out of control. Michelle Lewin, you need to be registered as a lethal weapon. Enjoy.

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Michelle Lewin Thong Pictures Set Sail on a Pool Raft Into Your Dreams

If hot bodies could open doors, and they do in my abode, then Michelle Lewin could pretty much walk through any portal in the world just by flashing her thong laced asstastic. Damn that thumper on this fitness model and all-around Miami area body exhibitionist deserves some kind of medal. I’d pin it on her just to watch her crush it betwixt her powerful cheeks and form it into a perfectly smooth diamond.

Michelle avoided the beach crowd and took her bikini sextastic show to the local area pool where she set sail on her raft which just has to be called the S.S. Boner Inducer and put on a show for gentleman oglers within a forty block radius. It’s simply incredibly how tight and taught she keeps her curves. You throw in those 1980′s reflective sunglasses and you have the makings of a visual wonderment. Please, proceed with caution. Don’t chafe to badly before Christmas, especially if you work the mall santa swing shift. The children need you. Enjoy.

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