Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin Toned Booty Faptastic Bikini Raised Toward the Heavens in Miami

Just when you think Michelle Lewin can't taunt you with her bikini clad asstastic in any new positions, voila. Hello stretchy shiny thong bottoms barely covering sun-directed derriere in beach chair. It's like the world's greatest minds were brought in to brainstorm new ways for Michelle Lewin to give you a near heart-attack.

There's just something about this wicked hot thumper faptastic Venezuelan model that makes me want to commit to yet another gym membership. Monthly dues are tantamount to actually working out as far as I'm concerned. I would like to work on my sunscreen rubbing muscles should Michelle ever answer one of my email requests to be allowed to protect her rump skin from the brutal solar death rays of Mother Sun. I would emollient her booty with a fervor not seen since the days of Hercules. My hands would be chafed with utter satisfaction. Michelle, please write me back, my calendar is not filling up quickly. Enjoy. 

Michelle Lewin Bikini Epic Fitness Gurls Magazine Madness!

If you happen to like crazy hot Latinas with stellar bikini bodies showing off their hours and years of hard bodied workouts, not to mention Mother Nature's bounty, you're going to fall in deep lust with Michelle Lewin and her body faptastic in the new edition of Fitness Gurls magazine.

Fitness Gurls combines two things I truly love. Sextastic girls and tiny little outfits. I bet you thought I was going to say fitness, and I suppose I do love that, for others naturally. But the pure majesty of Michelle Lewin and her sweet perfect tight thumper and all over hotness in little two piece swimsuits, well, it makes one happy to have a working heart. All the better to feel pounding inside your chest as your imagine Michelle in an ever so seductive accent asking you if you wouldn't mind sunscreening her backside. Oh, no, I wouldn't. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fitness Gurls

Michelle Lewin Bikini Boobtastic Sprayed Down for Stars and Stripes Glistening

Michelle Lewin is perfect. I don't mean necessarily in her personality or character or actions or other things that are of little consequence. I mean in her looks and that ridiculously flawless body she displays in various tiny bikinis and workout outfits in and around Miami Beach.  She may belong to the best of Venezuela lineage, but she was perhaps the finest representative of the red white and blue this 4th of July holiday time with just one crazy seductive hot bodied appearance in an All-American bikini. Her booty just one of the single finest views in the world. That's high praise. It's deserved.

Unfortunately for us, some do-gooder lifted up a towel to give Michelle some privacy as she changed out of her bikini. Oh, we were so close to greatness, though even the sight of her side-bum all bare and shiny was enough to send me into fifteen minutes of catatonia. Damn, I want to oil her body and get out my favorite loofah, the Uncle Bill, for an all-over Lewin shine and polish. Just so damn hot. I need a moment. And a cold shower. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Bikini Pictures Will Knock You Out With Red Booty Sextastic

I'm quite certain I could recognize fitness model Michelle Lewin with my naked eye from a quarter mile staring only at her amazingly hot and well-worked out asstastic. In fact, I know I can. Though I still can't find the tape dispenser right here on my desk. Michelle's all over hot and curvaceously muscular beach body is quite distinctive, as is her world-class thumper especially set off in a red thong bikini that just screams, spank me, even though I'm going to kick your butt afterward, it'll be worth it.

Now, I'm not advocating for any unwanted touches, but you'd have to be pretty poor of sight and imagination not to be fantasizing over squeezing Michelle's taut cheeks and asking if you might follow that freckle trail down her chest. Oh, the dots we could connect on that anatomical adventure. Michelle, you are really working out to stand out in a crowded field of hotties. I respect that more than you know. Let's discuss it over dinner and drinks without the dinner. I am more than daring to dream at this moment. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Bikini Pictures Present the Thong Booty of a Workout Goddess

I'm kind of at a loss for words at this point. And I'm a man who suffers from some rather serious verbal diarrhea. But staring, leering, and ogling the fine time bumside of fitness model Michelle Lewin in her blue thong bikini not at all covering up her world-class thumper, man, oh, man, this is catatonic gawking time.

We've seen Michelle's ridiculously hot and toned and muscular bikini body before, but I'm not quite sure we've ever seen her A-plus internationally rated booty ever looking this so absolutely perfect. Naturally, butt perfection is in the eye of the beholder, but if any of you out there aren't seeing what I'm seeing in the perfectly round lady humps on Michelle, well, I'm not sure we can hang out after school anymore. Damn, Michelle, just super damn. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Thong Bikini Thumper Madness in Miami

Let's just pretend the argument over whether fitness trainer and model Michelle Lewin has the tightest hottest most passion inducing thumpers in all of Miami hot model land is settled. You know I don't like superlatives, or picking winners among winners, but if you told me Michelle Lewin had the finest booty in the world, I'm not going to argue with you for hours on end like I would if you told me Motley Crue was a heavy metal band.

Michelle took her thong barely covered bottomside to a pool in Miami to generally make everybody feel just a bit more like a man, or a Sapphic leaning booty-positive woman, with her proud and yoked derriere shining in the midday sun. Sometimes, I see an arse so perfect, I just want to cry or write a poem or steal a child's milk money. Michelle Lewin inspires these kinds of feelings and then some. Oh, yeah, not too shabby from the frontside either. What a woman. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Works Her Booty to the Point of Asstastic Perfection in Miami

Amazing thumpers don't just grow on trees. Oh, that they did. I'd live beneath that tree. They are both born and then shaped through hard work and sweat and sacrifice. Thankfully, I don't need to do any of those hard things to ogle Michelle Lewin and her toned round thing working out in Miami.

Michelle Lewin might just have the finest bottom side in the tough town of Miami. But it doesn't come easily. She stretches and squats and tugs that thing into its perfectly shaped submission. And, she obligingly does so in public, in tight stretch pants and a sports bra so that we may see precisely how the tastiest sausage is made. It really is quite the exhibition. I can only imagine the car accidents that ensue along her stretched out poses. Sacrifices must be made for the asstastic. Enjoy.