Michelle Lewin Thong Bikini In Miami

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bill-swift - April 18, 2016

Michelle Lewin and thong go hand in hand like my hand grabbing for Michelle Lewin's thong. I do have to bear in mind that every single muscle in her worked out body is stronger than every single muscle in my not so worked out body. So there's that. But I don't know how any man within thong snap range can resist a tug of the floss that runs between her walnut-cracking strong buttockal cheeks.

Michelle was showing off once again on Miami Beach in a barely there bikini making all the girls who though they had perfected their beach bodies realize they had work left to be done. That must be disheartening to those ladies. For us lads, tough bibbies. We get to leer at the super fun female fine parts of Michelle Lewin and imagine her giving us orders of a prurient and humiliating nature. I didn't realize you could actually clean that area with the human tongue of a man you're dominating, Michelle. I've only ever seen dogs do that. Not that I'm complaining. She was begin? Oh, so hot and sultry. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Michelle Lewin