Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Mean Summer Can%u2019t Be Far Away

I think her holidays last like five weeks per month or something, but who's complaining when sexy Italia-Swiss-German miss Michelle Hunziker dons new bikinis on her MILFtastic body repeatedly and with extreme prejudice. Women always say they like a man who knows what he wants, and, well, I'm 100% certain I'd like to see Michelle's bikini fall off of her one of these days, but, for now, as always, sexy bikini pictures will do the trick as we ease into the warm summer months. Enjoy.

Michelle Hunziker Flaunts the MILFtastic Bikini Body in the Boot

Oh, dear god, it's my Swiss Miss MILFtastic Michelle Hunziker, co-hostess with the most hotness on Germany's monster TV game show, Wetten, dass..? and she's on a bikini beach holiday in Italy. I'll take Michelle Hunziker in a purple bikini, I'l take Michelle Hunkizer out of a purple bikini. I'll take her on a train or on a plane or in the park or in the dark. I do so like Michelle Hunzkier. But, right now, I mostly just want her to be my MILFy mom and make everything feel much better. Enjoy.

Michelle Hunziker Flashes Her Bra and Butt Crack For Italian Delights

You know about my not so secret Euro-crush on Michelle Hunziker, sexy Swiss-miss hostess of Germany's uber-popular Wetten, Dass? TV show. So when the striking MILFtastic blonde pulls off her top during an Italian beach visit, well, I'm gonna notice. I mean, I'm definitely going to notice when she bends down to flash her cracktastic, but consider it double when she's just hanging out in her bra. If that bra came off, I'd have to ogle from the land of the unconscious so one of you would actually have to tell me how amazing she looked. Next time. Enjoy.

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The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, Chelsea Handler, and Michelle Hunziker

It's been quite a week for the former Disney starlet turned Internet self-photographer turned Sucker Punch movie launcher, all of which led her on to the Conan O'Brien show where the newly minted 'all-grow'd up' Vanessa Hudgens flashed some upskirt for the nationwide audience. Actually kind of a demure pose for Vanessa, all things considered.

Speaking of tough weeks, or months, or maybe even the past year, Christina Aguilera has been through the entire celebrity shame spiral, but, through it all, she remains a vocalist a good league beyond her peers and with an ogle-worthy rack, as in this promo photo for her new show, 'The Voice".

Yes, yes, I know. She's not funny. And that laugh track played over her live audience over her tired Britney Spears jokes and the Madame Tussuad level make-up job and banging the head of E! to get ahead, yes, I get it. But, some of you still lust Chelsea Handler. And, well, celebrity nipple pokes are ogle-worthy. So, for some of you out there -- go to town.

I lust Michelle Hunziker. The Swiss-German-Italian border blonde hottie TV hostess and model. I'm not sure why she hasn't blown up more worldwide, but her pictures in this months Sette magazine are a solid reason why every man, woman loving woman, and suckling child on this planet ought dig the heck out of Michelle.

Michelle Hunziker Brings the Swiss Miss Heat in GQ

While we've lusted for sexy time Swiss model Michelle Hunziker, it wasn't until she joined up with outrageous Wetten, Dass television show in Germany that she joined our wall of fame. Love that silly show, despite, you know, not speaking a word of German. This is perhaps the first non-strictly bikini picture post for us of the outrageously hot blonde multinational star, but, these Michelle Hunziker pictures from GQ in Italy more than deserve to be ogled by our readers. Enjoy.

Even More Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

So I know I've been posting a lot of Michelle Hunziker bikini pictures this week, but come on, look at her! Is she not one of the hottest women you've ever seen? And for the record, she's 33, and has a 14-year-old daughter, so that also makes her the hottest MILF around.And in just a couple years, you won't know which one of them you'll want to sleep with more... What? Too far?

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More Awesome Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

Just in case you wanted more Michelle Hunziker bikini pictures, here you go. But really, who wouldn't? She's got to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and she even has a teenage daughter. How's that for a run at Ultimate MILF!? I'm guessing Michelle had the kid when she was twelve, because she doesn't look older than 25. I'm not sure if that math even works out, but the point is, Michelle Hunziker is a freak of nature with how hot she is, and obviously has found a way to defeat the ageing process. Whatever her secret is, if you could bottle it and sell it, you'd be a rich man.

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