Micaela Schaefer

Micaela Schaefer Wearing Nothing But Love For Valentine’s

At this point, German model Micaela Schaefer seems to spend most of her waking hours mostly nekkid at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. Everybody has their hobby. Who am I too judge. Especially when the result is the tall busty brunette flashing her funbags throughout much of the German daylight hours. For the holiday this week, covered especially in just Valentine’s Hearts. As if you needed directions to the sweet spots.

Micaela Schaefer is another one of those sextastic celebrities who help raise the bar in terms of public exhibitionism. Others see her and think, hmm, maybe I better start getting a little racier in my own promotional work. To which I think back, hmm, that would be ever so nice. We need trendsetters. If they’re hot models, all the better. Enjoy.

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Micaela Schaefer Topless With Bears for Berlinale Grand Opening

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I’m pretty sure Berlinale is a film festival. Which wouldn’t exactly explain why Micaela Schaefer is topless standing next to two bears at the opening of the event, but who am I to ask too many questions?

The frequently exhibitionist German model and actress and occasional celebrity boxer has pretty much flashed her large peaches around much of Berlin, now including their signature festival. I can’t believe the bears standing to either side of her aren’t more tempted for a taste of honey, but I suppose they’ve been trained well. I might find myself a bit more of a Pooh Bear in that type of proximity. Well done once again, Micaela. You are a must have invite to pretty much every party. Even more than the guy who does card tricks. Enjoy.

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MIcaela Schaefer Topless and Oddly Third Funbagged At the Brandenburg Gate

Micaela Schaefer Goes Topless Again at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
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I’m quite certain that when the Berlin Wall fell nobody anticipated that it would someday become a popular spot for German models to come and pose topless. Certainly nobody foresaw Micaela Schaefer in some get up that includes a fig leaf and what seems to be a third ta-ta. I’m not exactly sure I know what this exhibitionist prone TV hostess is up to. I’m kind of afraid to ask. In these situations I find it’s best just to sit back quietly and stare at her body built like a playground for grown up men. I call dibs on the swings.

Micaela Schaefer is one of those women I truly respect if for no other reason than she likes to get nekkid a lot in public and prove to the world that outside of some uncomfortable feelings in the pants, no ill comes of seeing women without their clothes on. Electronics don’t suddenly stop working, children don’t become ax murderers, and the man above doesn’t make it rain for forty straight days. Unless you live in Seattle, in which case that happens public nudity or not. Bless you, Micaela for all that you do to advance social progress. Three boobs, eh? That’s something science definitely needs to look into. Enjoy.

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Micaela Schaefer Colorfully Topless and So Very Germanic Boobtastic

Micaela Schaefer Topless Shoot by Tobias Dorer 2014
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There’s two ways to look at exhibitionist model and TV hostess Micaela Schaefer. One is that she obviously had some canoodling of the 90210 variety on her German racktastic. Two is that she did so so she could share the joy of topless chesty treats with the rest of the world. No matter how you slice it, no pun intended, she’s a giver, not a taker. I admire that in a woman who will never ever date me in a hundred million years without my fake mustache and French banker persona, Claude de Peux of the Avignon de Peux’s.

Micaela got jiggy with her jigglies for this Tobia Dorer photoshoot that uses lots of bright colors and fruit to help highlight the Bavarian gourds Micaela brings to work each morning. She always just seems so happy. That makes me happy. So much better than those uncomfortable awkward glances when I tell runaways how I’m going to make them famous if they just become a little less shy for the camera. Micaela, wunderbar. Enjoy.

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Micaela Schaefer Topless at Brandenburg Gate to Ring in Octoberfest

Micaela Schaefer Topless at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
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I’m never exactly clear why German actress and model Micaela Schaefer is topless at any given time in the middle of the public square. It seems to be perfectly legal in Berlin and Micaela seems to perfectly love doing it. I can’t imagine the German citizens or tourists complain too much either. Her funbags might even be more widely recognized now than the Brandenburg Gate, the former East-West Cold War portal where Micaela stood pimping something with her mighty ta’s.

Being that it’s nearly October and Micaela is hoisting two large mugs of the good stuff, along with her own two large mugs of the milky stuff, I’m going to assume this was Octoberfest related. If you’ve never been to Germany during that time of year and spent an evening in a beer garden, I’d highly recommend the experience. If you can do so while motorboating Micaela Schaefer, I’d increase my high recommendation to a must-experience on Fodor’s list of things to do in Europe. Go on, you deserve it. Enjoy.

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Micaela Schaefer and Friends Topless 2015 Calendar Behind the Scenes

Micaela Schaefer and Friends Topless Erotic Calendar 2015 Screencaps
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When you’re Micaela Schaefer, a nekkid annual wall calendar isn’t just a side hobby, it’s one of your biggest projects of the year. The proudly audacious and curvaceous German model with little inhibition invited a few of her blonde Teutonic friends to get their clothes off with her for the creation of her 2015 calendar. Yep, it’s that time of year again when the busty ladies are taking off their tops for calendars available well ahead of the Christmas shopping season. One of my very favorite times of the year, to say the least.

Miceala has built herself a nice reputation as a public exhibitionist, so naturally when shooting privately she has little to no evidence of being shy. Neither do her hottie boobtastic friends. I bet that was one rather delightful shooting experience. Check out the behind the scenes photos. Naturally, we’ll have the finally calendar shots when they do become available. Enjoy.

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Micaela Schaefer Crazy Hot Topless Treats to Warm Your Cockles and Liven Your Soul



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We do so have a crush on brunette German show-woman and exhibitionist model Micaela Schaefer. Whether it be the streets of Berlin or a Hollywood movie premiere, Micaela manages to find the perfectly revealing outfit for the occasion. She’s not a particularly shy girl, in public or on the pages of magazines, including this month’s Interviu magazine in Spain where she and her fine female form are being heralded for making so many men smile.

Micaela seems like quite a fun girl to hang around. First, she smiles a lot. Second, she seems to love a good prank. Third, she’s always nekkid. Of those three qualities, only the third really matters, though the first two would come into play if we were roommates. As we are in many of my dreams. Micaela, you do Germany quite proud today. Enjoy.

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