Mellisa Clarke

Page 3 Topless Hotties! Mellisa, Courtnie, India, Nicole And Sam

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Oh, yes, the return of my many lovely virtual girlfriends from across the pond. The beautiful British birds that soar to such esteemed heights, all the better to catch a glimpse of their might magnificent funbags in full glory mode. The Page 3 Girls of Old Country lore here to bring on new urges, tingles, and all-over smiles. They are my Avengers.

This week’s grab bag of Page 3 funbags includes Mellisa Clarke, Courtnie Quinlan, India Reynolds, Nicole Neal, and Sam Cooke. It’s hard to know if you’re party is the party of the year, but if this sweet pot of sextastic girls is hanging by the pool, just give yourself a medal. This is world class goodie baring at it’s finest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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Mellisa Clark, Rhian Sugden, and Lissy Cunningahm Are Back, and Front, and Topless in a Page 3 Roundup

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You know I forever miss my Page 3 British hotties when I don’t see them for some period of time. They’re like sex itself. Five minutes after you’d had them, you quite convinced you’ve never had them before in your life and you will die if you don’t soon. That’s a crappy metaphor in comparison to how ridiculously hot and inspiring the likes of Melllisa Clarke, Rhian Sugden, Sabine Jemeljanova, Kelly Hall, and Lissy Cunningham truly are. I dare you to look at these luscious bodied ladies and not feel good about the future of humanity. In particular, your future next trip to a private space to express your fuller appreciation.

I’m not exactly sure why British people keep trying to ban all the fun stuff in their country. I suppose that’s the nature of the public mob in any land. Some people just hate fun. Which I suppose is their right. But when they start blockading funbags, that’s when I have to slip into my cape and move into superhero mode. I can’t fly or life buildings or really even run so fast, but I can post photos of some amazing looking women with racks of gold. Thus, I engage. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: The Sun Page 3

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Page 3 Did Not Go Gentle Into that Goodnight: Holly Peers, Lucy Collett, Mellisa Clarke, and Sabine Jemeljanova Show You Why


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For a while there it was like we had lost a dear friend when it was announced the Page 3 feature of the U.K. Sun was going dark due to thepressure from certain groups who like to complain for a hobby. But the departure was blessedly very short lived as Page 3 has returned with a bang of the boobtastic featuring some of our favorites such as Holly Peers, Lucy Collet, and Mellisa Clarke.

It’s not that we couldn’t live without Page 3, it’s just that why would we want to? We are adamantly opposed to any forces adamantly opposed to the exhibition of beautiful funbags. There will always be, and there always are, forces at work that seek to censor the full beauty of women. Which is why our work is truly never done. Don’t worry, I had a nap, I’m good for this. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: The Sun

Mellisa Clarke Lingerie Striptease for Topless Tautness on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Oh, Sweet Mellisa, how I’ve missed you so. A day, a week, could it be even a month without goth brunette hottie Mellisa Clarke is like an eternity absent and devoid of her simply spectacular sextastic simple charms. Au natural and very little in the way of production is how Mellisa rolls. Myself as well, though nobody’s going to hit the brakes hard to check out my topless lingerie spreads, I mean, not until I have my summer body ready.

On Tuesdays we celebrate the ta-ta’s that make life worth living and eyeballs worth having and the happy tingles Mother Nature ensured when she connected our retinal cones almost directly to our family jewels. Well, played Ms. Nature. And well done once more, Mellisa Clarke. Your body inspires me to be a better man, or, in the least, a man who has given up the hobby of lawn darts in order to spend more time drooling over your photos. It really is far safer and more satisfactory a sport. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mellisa Clarke

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Mellisa Clarke Topless Poolside Plums and Peaches Fun Time

Mellisa Clarke Goes Topless Poolside in a Bikini
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Mellisa Clarke might just be my perfect woman. Well, I mean, technically she’s have to have the capability of transforming into a 50-inch flat screen TV with the NFL premium package on Sundays to be perfect, but I’m working with my Tinder counselor to be more lenient in my acceptance of the flaws of my potential mates.

Melissa’s semi-brooding brunette come hither looks and that raw natural animal hot bodied magnetism enhanced every time she removes her top, it’s just the stuff of dreams. At least my dreams many times per evening. The thought of her floating topless in my pool, let alone having a pool in the first place, just icing on the delicious cake that is Mellisa Clarke. Whoomp there it is. We really need bring that back. Enjoy.

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Sam Cooke Boob Battles Mellisa Clarke in a Chesty Testy Competition of Ta’s

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The time has come to put aside our peace pipes for a moment to celebrate the jousting of two jaunty lasses, lovely ladies engaged in the arena of the racktastic, going nipple to nipple in the feverishly hot contest we like to call The Battle of the Boobtastic. There are no losers, only various degrees of wanton lust and epic desire. Such as all conflict should be.

This week’s entries into the mammarial battle zone are the blondishly bodacious Sam Cooke, a veteran of such chest bumps, and Mellisa Clarke, no stranger to sweater puppy street battles of hero own. Two cagy veterans, four deliciously perfect engorged funbags. It’s time for you to decide. Between these two girls I could never ever have, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Sam Cooke vs Mellisa Clarke

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Humpday Huzzah! Mellisa Clarke Topless Striptease In Her Abode for Heavy Duty Tingly Aboding

Mellisa Clarke Topless Striptease Photoshoot
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How I lust me some Mellisa Clarke. This naughty cutesy a little bith gothy brunette can break my heart with just one smile. With one peeling off of her top, she can damage me much more thoroughly. I’ll take an order of both please. She really does make you feel extra-welcome in her boudoir, little cheeky smiles before reveals of sweet ta-ta’s and taught little cheekies. Oh, my. I feel like I’ve died and gone to faptastic heaven.

Each midweek we celebrate the finest and most squeezable funbags in our mind’s eyes. When at the top of the mountain, why not give a little squeeze Mellisa Clarke would either giggle or beat the tar out of you for trying. Personally, I’d take an order of both once again. So hot. Huzzah!