Mayra Veronica

Mayra Veronica Asstastic in Thong Swimsuit (Warning: Dude In Photos)

You know how much it pains me to ever have to include any portion of the less interesting gender on this little hub of ours. But, there are rare cases like the outstanding badonkadonk of Cuban hottie Mayra Veronica where I simply have to break a rule to share with your two stellar cheeks.

Mayra was on the beach and all over her new boyfriend who among other faults has clearly copied my workout routines. This thong swimsuit phenomenon gains ever more traction when worn by veteran sextastics like Mayra who bring mucho shape to the bottom side bare buns the wardrobe promises. Damn, Mayra’s packing some seat heat. If we could only get rid of this lucky bastard and replace him with nothing, or me, this entire visual wonderment would be a level ten bit of epic. Men ruin everything. Oh, how I’d like to ruin Mayra for a love pat or two on that hiney. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Mayra Veronica Muy Caliente Sin Ropa Between the Sheets

We certainly don’t get to see enough of the Cubana hottie Mayra Veronica and her sextastically posed sultry Latina hotness.  The alluring bilingual vixen hosts TV shows, puts out dance records, and does a whole bunch of stuff with fashion that does not interest me in the least except for when she models, but her true talents, well, one of them at least, lies in how hot she looks without clothes on laying in bed. Oh, mamacita.

In this Bruno Talledo shoot, Mayra shows us how a smoking hot brunette needs little more than a bed and a single bed sheet to put on an epic show of seduction. Really, the sheet is not needed at all. From stem to stern, Mayra shows off her picture perfect body in a round of making every man who doesn’t find this in his bedroom when he gets home super jealous of the few lucky bastards who do. Man, how I’d love to make you all jealous. Mayra, we need more! Enjoy.

Mayra Veronica Has a New Body Shaking Single Out

Well, when a sextastic Latina lady asks me a favor, what can I say? I mean no es bueno to turn down the requests of a veteran hottie like Mayra Veronica.

She has a new single out called Mama Mia, and while it’s not exactly my taste in music (read as: it’s not Metallica), I could watch a woman like Mayra dress up in costume and shimmy shake about for hours on end.

Check out Mama Mia on Vevo.

Did Reggie Bush Dump Kim Kardashian for Mayra Veronica Because Kim Was Sexting Kanye West?

And is this entire story just really an excuse for us to post more pictures of the amazing asstastic of Cuban-American model and kind of singer (and big supporter of the USO and the troops, on an actual positive note) miss Mayra Veronica? Yes, indeed it is.

Nevertheless, our friends at RadarOnline are reporting that Amber Rose, former Kanye West steady, is claiming that the principles-over-money Kim Kardashian went all homewrecker on Kanye and and Amber’s love affair by sending an endless number of naughty texts and even racy photos of herself to Kanye in complete disrespect of Amber Rose, not to mention Reggie Bush who Kim was close to marrying at the time (how many times a day must Reggie thank his stars for avoiding that crap-stepping event).

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to be completely self-absorbed.

While it was always thought that Reggie Bush dumped Kim for the lower maintenance and equally fine-arsed Mayra Veronica, maybe it was finding Kim’s naughty picture trail to Kanye that broke the love-camels back. And, far more importantly, Kanye, can we please see those pictures?! Enjoy.

Nude Pictures of Mayra Veronica, The New Reggie Bush Girlfriend (RadarOnline Exclusive to Egotastic!)

How do you replace Kim Kardashian in your bedroom? Well, according to our friends at RadarOnline, if you’re former-former Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush, you find a Kim Kardashian look-alike in the Cuban born sexpot model, Mayra Veronica, first made famous by the legendary Don Francisco on Univision, now very much in the public limelight. While Egotastic! remains entirely neutral on matters of the heart, as to matters of the ginormous boobs and butt — wow! Just, wow.

Check out these two amazing ‘unedited’ photos of Mayra Veronica exclusive to Egotastic! from RadarOnline:

Click below to see the full Mayra Veronica gallery on Radar: