Nude Pictures of Mayra Veronica, The New Reggie Bush Girlfriend (RadarOnline Exclusive to Egotastic!)

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bill-swift - September 10, 2010

How do you replace Kim Kardashian in your bedroom? Well, according to our friends at RadarOnline, if you're former-former Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush, you find a Kim Kardashian look-alike in the Cuban born sexpot model, Mayra Veronica, first made famous by the legendary Don Francisco on Univision, now very much in the public limelight. While Egotastic! remains entirely neutral on matters of the heart, as to matters of the ginormous boobs and butt -- wow! Just, wow.

Check out these two amazing 'unedited' photos of Mayra Veronica exclusive to Egotastic! from RadarOnline:

Click below to see the full Mayra Veronica gallery on Radar: