Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra for the Latina Sportscaster Boobtastic Win!

I want to be on record for being in deep lust with Mary Gamarra, sexy Latina sportscaster, before even seeing her in these bikini pictures, which ought to about settle the deal with everybody else unfamiliar with this hot lady on the sideline of many sporting events (most especially ice dancing!). Quite an impressive set of boobs on mi amor. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

Mary Gamarra Bikini Pictures To Redeem Latina Sportscasters

Do you Telemundo?

I first discovered Peruvian-born Latina TV sports babe, Mary Gamarra, while watching some, um, er, ice skating on NBC, with my girlfriend’s sister’s cat. Mary Gamarra is a real all-around news hottie for Spanish-language television here in the U.S, and these bikini pictures are a real sign of her numerous talents. After that entire Ines Sainz Jets locker room debacle, I wanted to cleanse our collective palates with a Spanish-speaking olive-skinned boobtastic hottie with sort of semi-legit sports reporting credentials. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News