Marloes Horst Sheer Lingerie Test Shots

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bill-swift - June 13, 2015

Everybody's always trying out for something. Unless you're Tom Cruise, you're still reading for parts. And if you're model Marloes Horst, your agency is still taking test shots of your uttter and udder goodness to keep you a hot commodity. Some guy in Paris has a gig. He wants Polaroids. Let's get that top off and start shooting. It's all women so I bet it's more polite than that.

Revel for a moment if you will in the pure blonde hot bodied sextastic goodness that is Marloes Horst. Imagine you're the guy she's sending these photos to seeking out employment. Now, try not to wake up for the next half hour or so as you crank up the Blues Traveler and hope the neighbors don't knock on the wall. Life is better in the bubble. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Next Models Polaroids