Manami Okamoto

Manami Okamoto Returns for Round Two of Sextastic Introductions

Wow, we had quite a positive response to our baring discovery of Japanese super hottie celeb model Manami Okamoto last week, and by positive response I mean letters where I don’t get called shithead and arsehole and told to do unconventional things with my mother and a piece of industrial plumbing equipment. We all have our own measuring sticks for positive.

Well, your semi-polite wish is our command. Not like we’re going to not share some supremely hot photos of the beauty from Japan, the Tokyo dream, Manami Okamoto, looking all kinds of special tingly feeling inducing in not one, but two for the price of one steamy photoshoots. Enjoy.

Manami Okamoto Goes Green in a Sheer Top Photoshoot

Manami Okamoto Anime Hot Bodies Her Way Straight to Our Heart

Our tour of Japan celebrity models takes a sharp right turn here, spins back to the left, reverses, spins in a few doughnuts, then burns rubber back toward Hottieville right smack dab into the chesty hotness of Manami Okamoto.

It took us nearly an hour just to get past the first photo of this gorgeous Japanese sextastic who not surprisingly is quite well-known for her anime modeling. That was an hour before we could move our fingers once again to click on to the next picture. And it was more than worthwhile. We could not be happier about our Far East adventures. We may never come home. Enjoy.