Logan Fazio

Logan Fazio Covers the Sports Illustrated Bikini Girls in Her Own Damn Bikini

There's something quite alluring about Miami's hottest paparazzi, Logan Fazio. I'm not sure if it's her constant proximity to other hot girls all the time, or maybe it's the fact that she actually has a real technical skill, which for girls along Miami Beach looking good in bikinis is not an assumption I'd make across the boards.

Logan was in Miami over the weekend covering the S.I. bikini girls in their various and sundry and every hour on the hour promotional events for the magazine edition release. Okay, I got it, it's that giant camera that makes her look kind of dangerous. Dangerous bikini girls, that's a special something. I think I just found a new fetish. Enjoy.

Logan Fazio Shoots Claudia Romani and My Two Bikini Worlds Collide in Ectoplasmic Explosion

Who saw this coming? We've been tracking the beach comings and goings of Miami's hottest paparazzo, Logan Fazio and her slender body and big camera on her bike and her bikini capturing the local talents. Now who shows up in Logan's sights but our very own hot-bottomed bikini princess, Claudia Romani, looking all kinds of perky and preening in black on the sandy shores. It's like experiencing the collision of two fantasies into one.

I must admit I hadn't even contemplated seeing Logan shooting Claudia and the two naturally becoming friends, maybe sharing a glass of wine and realize they're not so different, then, off to the hot tub to unwind and call me on their cellphones giggling to let me know they're up to no good. I honestly believe this is about to happen. It's why I'm only answering calls from the Miami area code today. Please, ring, ring! Enjoy.

Logan Fazio Bikini Biking Photos Continue Her Run of Hot Watcher Being Watched

There's something kinky about this bikini clad paparazzi being ogled herself while she attempts to shoot other celebrities on the beach in Miami. It's kind of hot. Maybe I'm just allured by the sheer size of her lenses, or maybe it's her bikini body on that bike of hers along the beach path, but put me in the camp of Logan Fazio fans.

When truth or dare comes and somebody dares me to bathe a paparazzi in a thousand tiny kisses, I'm choosing Logan. Though, I'm assuming I'd probably be the one daring myself in that case. And I'm also assuming Logan would probably beat me with her camera case. None of which really seems like significant obstacles to fulfilling my who's watching the watcher fetish fantasy.  Enjoy.

Logan Fazio Bikini Pictures Continue Her Run as Hottest Paparazzo in Miami

I'm not exactly sure who the competition is for Logan Fazio in terms of hottest paparazzi in South Florida. I've hung with the paps, they're about as superficially blessed as bloggers and guys named Sal (no offense to my Uncle Sal who is a handsome man in his own special Ben Grimm kind of way).

Nevertheless, I have to believe Logan beats them all by a country mile in terms of bikini bodies they're packing behind their own cameras. She's a spry little curvaceous thing. The student becomes the teacher or the photographer becomes the subject or something like that. I sure would like to take her picture, not necessarily on the beach, but maybe aside my table top Zen sand garden in my boudoir. The one I've noticed at least a few of my female guests have written 'SOS' out on before for some reason. Enjoy.

Hottie Celeb Paparazzi Logan Fazio Snapped In Her Own Bikini

What are you going to do when the watchers are hot enough to be watched themselves? Well, this conundrum becomes easily solved when peeking at Logan Fazio, often dubbed as the hottest paparazzo in Miami, because... well, just look at her. Prancing around the beach with her big-arse lens in her own bikini on her hot beach body. The predator becomes the prey in the ogling game. It's kind of kinky.

I think I like it. In the very least, what's a celebrity to do when a good looking chick in a bikini starts snapping them on the beach. You know the guys can't get angry. I'm already smiling. Good on you, Logan. Enjoy.