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Weekly Boob Tube Roundup Includes Camilla Luddington Nekkid and Lucy Lawless Topless (VIDEO)

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With all the hubbub going on over the weekend about the leaked cell phone pictures of famous female celebrities, one could’ve missed some rather fine boobtastic unleashed on several of our favorite cable channel TV series. But, thankfully, our ADHD literally compels us to track every single bit of celebrity flesh out there, including the likes of sexy Brit Camilla Luddington butt-bare nekkid in Californication, Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianca topless bathing in Spartacus, and just a hint of darkly-shaded Kristen Bell in her bra making whoopee in House of Lies.

The Boob Tube was plump this week indeed. Little screen, big views. Enjoy.

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Kristen Bell Bra and Panties Dance Highlights Weekend Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell Lingerie in House of Lies
Kristen Bell, Oh, My.

Well, we can probably officially give up on seeing sextastic blonde Kristen Bell getting nekkid on House of Lies, but to keep viewers interested you can bet the show producers are going to max out her ‘only in undies’ rider in her contact and get Kristen Bell dancing around shimmying her hot little body as they did this weekend, to highlight a nice Showtime boob tube effort that included sweet-hot Natalie Zea getting it on in Californication, Emma Greenwell new to nekkid and working it hard in Shameless, and a briefly boobtastic vision of Dawn Olivieri.

It got kind of racy. So, we watched. Enjoy.

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Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Taylor Swift in this month’s Vogue. (HuffPo)

Baseball wife, Anna Benson, keeps things interesting. (FoxNews)

Audrina Patridge bikini pictures. (GossipCenter)

Kristen Bell in Self Magazine. (Celebuzz)

Subway riders without their pants. (TheChive)

Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor? (TMZ)

Seth Rogen and I have something in common. (BuzzFeed)

Kristen Bell Leads List of Hotties Celebrating Premiere of ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime This Weekend

This is a big weekend coming up for us Boob-Tubers. Showtime is premiering seasons of some of our very favorite funbag revealing hottie cable shows, including Shameless, Californication, and the brand spanking new, House of Lies, which held its premiere party last night, showing off Kristen Bell and Dawn Olivieri, stars of the show, as well as Morena Baccarin from Homeland who came to show and show-off her support. 

Consider us truly geeked here to see flesh puppies regularly once more on the small screen. Enjoy.

Diane Kruger, Brooklyn Decker, Kristen Bell — Now That’s a Charity Ball!

I love it when a solid charitable cause like UNICEF is also the cause to bring out a number of hotties in general sexy-body support of the bigger picture. And the pictures that come from it. At last night’s gala, we got to see a decked out Brooklyn Decker looking all kinds of magnificent, Diane Kruger and some near-sideboobage that reminded us why we lust her so, cute Kristen Bell looking all kinds of grown up, and even Nicole Richie, who has decided to generally look as forlorn in public as Victoria Beckham, made something of a happy face hottie presentation on the red carpet. All in all, a wonderful evening for do-gooders and good ogles alike. That’s such a great combo. Enjoy.

Kristen Bell Teasy Lingerie Pics Promo the Next Sextastic Showtime Series ‘House of Lies’

There can’t possibly be enough unclothed flesh on the boob tube for our interests, so the announcement of Showtime’s next original series for the grown-ups, House of Lies, with the vastly underrated blonde hottie, Kristen Bell, well, let’s call it very good news. Starting in January we’ll be able to see more hotness alongside our already lust-inducing Shameless starring Emmy Awesome, and, maybe, just maybe, by the looks of these stills from the House of Lies promo, we’ll be seeing much of Kristen Bell. Fingers crossed. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice Leads List of Hotties Who Make Me Want to ‘Do Something’ at VH-1 Award Show

Oh, lady in red, thy name is sexy. Victoria Justice led a gaggle of hotties at this weekend’s VH-1 Do Something awards, yet another award show where they make up an excuse to hand out trophies to super popular young celebrities, and where the late-teen star of Victorious reminded the ogling community just how damn sexy she really is, getting all grow’d up and flirty in a little red number.

And not exactly like the red carpet competition wasn’t fierce, with the likes of a newly healthy and busty Demi Lovato, the soon-to-be-married-starving-herself Kim Kardashian, Victoria’s co-star sexy red Ariana Grande, Jo-Jo Levesque, underrated hottie Kristen Bell, Rose McGowan, Cassie Scerbo, and last, but definitely not least, Olivia Munn. Quite a stellar lineup, and that was just the cream that floated to the top, as it were. Enjoy.