Kesha Flashes Her Long Legs In A Short Outfit In LA

Kesha was seen cavorting around LA in a very short dress. I mean, is it still a dress if it’s also short shorts? Well, whatever it is called it showed off a great deal of Kesha’s gorgeous legs. Kesha is pretty tall and she’s looking really toned lately. Now that she’s cleaned up a bit and doesn’t look like a weirdo all the time it really shows off her natural beauty. The dress, (or whatever), also had a deep plunging neckline so there was some serious cleav to be had. Kesha has got a really nice rack and luckily she likes to show it off. She may change her image but some things stay the same. I also like her long blond hair. I mean, pink hair is all well and good to a point, but give me some long golden locks any day.

I approve of this new and improved Kesha sans $.

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez Repping Pop Hotties at 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Okay, let’s put his out there first. The Billboard Music Awards are handed out based on the sale of music, which means, the taste of your average young teen girl dictates the winners. So, musically speaking, yeah, not so good. But, and this is a big but, it also means that all the big names in music, and all the A-list hottie divas, also are obliged to say yes to attend. And not just attend, but look their stellar best ,in Vegas every year for the ceremony. So, basically you have a party with killer looking girls and lousy music. You’d make that trade any day.

Leading the list of lookers at the celebration of craptastic music was Taylor Swift surprised once again to win awards even though pre-announced, Jennifer Lopez still hanging with the youngin’s, Selena Gomez looking might fine save for rumors of her reunited for a fourth time with The Devil’s Midget, Miley Cyrus sparkling hard these days, heck, even Kesha managed to look rather fetching, a sure sign that everybody’s game has been stepped up for the evening. And then a whole lot of celebrity hodgepodge of hotness. It was quite a night. I wish I could of been there, but three different restraining orders by various pop divas formed an intersecting domain of denial around me being in Vegas. People take peeping in windows so damn serious these days. Enjoy.

EgoCSI: Is This Kesha Naughty Nibbling on Some Nuts? (NSFW!)

Click to See Uncensored (NSFW!!!!)

Viewer Discretion Advised: Look, Egotastic! CSI’s can lead down very naughty and disturbing alley ways. Please do not view the uncensored picture unless you can handle the sight of somebody doing something teethy to a man-stick.

We’re not giving this one a super high likelihood of veracity, but this is where you come in. Back in 2010, some ‘friend’ of the ruffian pop diva Kesha posted a whole bunch of her personal material, music and photos, online, pissed off about something or other we suppose. We posted one of the photos back then and another that appeared several months later, both of which were never confirmed, but were never denied, and most of you felt were entirely real Kesha inglorious intimacy time moments.

Now, another. Courtesy of EgoReader ‘Bob’. And while we tend to discount these photos, because of the nature of fakes and porny stand-ins, we can’t help but identify dates, looks, and similarities that at least requires an investigation from our Celebrity Sextastic Investigators, namely, all of you.

So we ask you…

Is This Kesha Nibbling Naughtily on Nuts?

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Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Heidi Klum Heat Up 2012 American Music Awards Red Carpet

Now, by this time you know how we feel about the Grammys and the American Music Awards and pretty much all other music award shows and their relationship to good music — zero correlation. Truly. Really. Honestly. And we say that hardly as music snobs, just grown adult males for whom popular music left us long ago, or we left it, either way, we can’t stand it any more than a grade schooler can brussel sprouts. It’s not natural.

And, yet, there’s no denying that the ranks of the pop music world are filled with some of our favorite ladies of the sextastic, some performers, some just omnipresent celebs, all of whom do manage to turn the 2012 American Music Awards into hot-watchable television tonight.

Included in our list of girls who gave us happy wood tonight on the red carpet are Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Heidi Klum, Stacy Keibler, Hayden Panettiere, Jenny McCarthy, and Kesha (what? yep, you heard us right, Kesha, she made herself over so much we got all worked up before we realized it was Kesha — let’s call this one misdirected boner). Enjoy.

Kesha Shows Skin on the Set of Her New Music Video ‘Die Young’ in LA

Kesha’s Girlfriend Continues to Flash Her Bare Bum at the Cameras

Here’s something to be thankful for — it’s not Kesha dropping her big drawers for the paparazzi, but, once again, one of her above average intelligence female girlfriends flashes her Jenny Craig bottom for the paparazzi, which I believe is meant to be an act of youthful rebellion, but as far as those goes, this is pretty ass backward.

I’m not exactly sure why we’re sharing this with you, except that I was forced to see it, now I’m sharing. It can’t always be the best toys in the room. Enjoy, if you will.


Kesha Stares Wasted, Her Girlfriend Drops Trou, It’s Full Moon Fever

How many times have you thought to yourself, boy, I really miss that Kesha chick?

Okay, so it’s none times, here too. But when Kesha shows up outside Cirque du Soleil with a thousand mile wasted stare and her female friend drops her drawers to moon the cameras, well, we just have to re-open the doors to the Kesha Sebert closet o’ skeletons. It’s dark and scary and frightening in there, but you know you want to peek. Beware.